Why use Green Star?

The benefits of Green Star certification

Green Star is Australia's mark of quality for the design, construction and operations for sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. Let us show you the benefits of choosing Green Star for your next project.

Green star rated community

Green Star financial transparency

The cost of Green Star is defined as the additional cost to a project as a result of targeting a Green Star rating. 

As more projects take up the Innovation Challenge, the GBCA will be able to provide more reliable breakdowns of the cost of Green Star by rating tool and by Green Star rating.


Learn from our Green Star retail business case study.


Green homes are healthy homes. See the benefits of building a green residential building.


Marketing a REGISTERED Green Star project

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recognises your need to communicate your Green Star project registration to the market. Green Star registered projects may not use the Green Star certification mark until the project is certified. Green Star registered projects may be promoted in text only at this stage.

See below examples of how to refer to your Green Star registered project (prior to receiving official certification):
"Registered for a Green Star - [Office Design, Office As Built, Office Interiors, Healthcare, Education etc.] rating"
"Registered for a Green Star - Communities PILOT rating"
"Registered for a Green Star - [Office Design, Office As Built, Office Interiors, Healthcare, Education etc] rating and targeting/aiming for a [4 star Green Star/5 star Green Star/6 star Green Star] rating."
"Registered for a Green Star - Communities PILOT rating and targeting/aiming for a [4 star Green Star/5 Star Green Star/6 Star Green Star] rating."
All projects registering for Green Star certification must specify their targeted Green Star rating during this initial process - it is this targeted Green Star rating which can be used in your communications in the format specified above.
If a project changes its targeted Green Star rating, it must immediately notify GBCA of such a change and take immediate steps to amend any relevant marketing material.
If a project is not registered with GBCA it cannot make any statements referring to Green Star. If GBCA is alerted to any infringements of its intellectual property rights relating to Green Star, it will take immediate action to rectify the situation.

Make sure you market your Green Star project correctly - read more about the Green Star Trade Mark policy.

Marketing a CERTIFIED Green Star project

Refer to "Certified Rating" for information on marketing a certified Green Star project.

If you have questions regarding the marketing opportunities for your project, please contact the GBCA Marketing team:

+612 8239 6200


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