25 King St, QLD. Lendlease 6 Star Green Star - Design & As Built v1.1.

Green Star Evolution

The Green Star rating system and rating tools have been developed with the assistance and participation of representatives from many organisations. The rating tools may be subject to further development in the future.

The rating tool will be updated regularly as follows:

  • Annual revisions (minor updates) – will result in a release of a revised rating tool. Additional reviews will occur throughout the year should a correction be deemed necessary. e.g. v1.1, v1.2.
  • Three yearly rating tool overhaul (major updates) – will result in a release of a new rating tool version. e.g. v1.0, v2.0.

When a new rating tool is released projects remain able to register under the previous version of the tool for a specified period of time. Once this period ends, the most current rating tool must be used.  

While each rating tool will be updated from time to time, project teams are only required to adhere to the Submission Guidelines for the rating tool that their project is registered under.

Project teams may formally update the version (as in move from version 1 to version 1.1) of the rating tool by contacting us.