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Design and construction of fitouts

Green Star – Interiors rates the sustainable design and construction of any building fitout works. The Interiors rating tool aims to assist clients and project teams to objectively rate their projects, and achieve sustainability goals.

The tool provides a framework with clear guidelines to assist in designing and constructing a sustainable fitout. It encourages a new approach to designing and constructing fitouts by rewarding sustainability best practice and excellence. It also provides consistent and clear advice in an easy-to-use manner.

Current rating tool: Green Star - Interiors v1.2; Green Star - Interiors v1.3

Date released: 2/10/19

Green Star - Interiors facilitated our brand sustainability aspirations as it gave us a clear pathway, which allowed us to integrate more environmentally conscious elements within our store design concept.

Davina Dowle, Sustainability Specialist, Country Road Group

Green Star Fitouts

An update is coming: Green Star Fitouts will be the next generation of Green Star – Interiors and aims to be a simplified framework which will help applicants navigate how to create a sustainable fitout and get it certified by the GBCA. The development of Green Star Fitouts will run until late 2024 - early 2025.

Consultation with industry on the scope and direction of the new Green Star Fitouts rating tool ran for two months, closing in November 2023. The Green Star Fitouts rating too is currently in development.

Our next public consultation period will be around the second half of 2024, at which time we will consult on the draft credits and details of the tool. Towards the end of this we will also call out for expressions of interest in piloting the tool through an early access program.

Green Star - Interiors 

Certifications to date

Since the release of Green Star - Interiors in 2014, 251 projects have been certified, with a further 188 projects registered (57 in the past 12 months).

Green Star – Interiors superseded Green Star – Office Interiors, enabling ratings for a more diverse suite of fitouts to be rated. The uptake of projects certifying with Green Star – Interiors has been considerably more rapid than the prior rating tool.

Organisations with an interest in providing great places to work for their employees, and a great experience for customers and clients have been key users. Unlike other Green Star rating tools, where the use is often driven by external factors such as ESG reporting requirements and investor pressures, the use of Green Star – Interiors is generally driven from within the organisation.

The most frequent users of the tool include:

  • Commercial corporates fitting out office workplaces
  • Commercial retailers (generally adopting a volume approach) fitting out retail space e.g., bank branches, fashion stores, food retailers in food courts
  • Education and industrial sectors
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Sector coverage

Most Green Star – Interiors certifications continue to be office fitouts (50%), with 46% retail, and the remaining consisting of education and industrial sectors


Green Star – Interiors certified projects have ranged from 73sqm to 70000sqm

Individual vs Volume approach

55% of Green Star – Interiors projects since 2014 have been certified using a volume approach

Star ratings

7% of Green Star – Interiors projects since 2014 are 4 star certified, 56% 5 star certified, 37% 6 star certified

Categories and credits


Aims to encourage and reward the adoption of practices and processes that support best practice sustainability outcomes throughout the different phases of a project’s design, construction and ongoing operation.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)

Aims to encourage and reward initiatives that enhance the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. The credits within this category address issues such as air quality, thermal comfort and acoustic comfort.


Aims to reward projects that are designed and constructed to reduce overall greenhouse emissions from operations by addressing energy demand reduction, use efficiency and generation from alternative sources.


Aims to reward projects that facilitate a reduction on the dependency of private car use as an important means of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to encourage the provision of alternative forms of transportation.


Aims to encourage and reward initiatives that reduce the consumption of potable water through measures such as the incorporation of water efficient fixtures and building systems and water re-use.


Aims to address the consumption of resources for the project, by encouraging the selection of low-impact materials.

Land use and ecology

Aims to reward projects that minimise harm and enhance the quality of local ecologies.


Aims to assess the environmental impacts of 'point source' pollution generated by projects and reduce their effects on the atmosphere, watercourse and native animals.


Aims to recognise the implementation of innovative practices, processes and strategies that promote sustainability in the built environment.


The Submission guidelines explains each credit's aims, criteria and compliance requirements, and offers additional guidance, background information and resources.

You can download the submission guidelines from the shop or the Green Star resources portal. GBCA members can access the Submission guidelines for free.

Upgrading to the current version of the Green Star rating tool

If a project is registered under a previous version of the Green Star – Interiors rating tool, the Applicant may formally update the version of the rating tool (for example, move from Version 1.2 to Version 1.3). For additional details on this process, please contact the Market Engagement team.

Previous versions

For all projects registered under a previous version of Green Star – Interiors,  search the Green Star Resources page to download all supporting resources required to complete your submission (a general overview of resources is provided on the Resources and Roles section of our website).

Green Star – Interiors

Release date

Version 1.301/10/2019
Version 1.203/07/2017
Version 1.103/12/2015
Version 1.019/12/2014
Version PILOT15/10/2012

While the rating tool will be updated from time to time, project teams are only subject to the Submission Guidelines for the rating tool that their project is registered under, or if the project team chooses, a later version. Project teams are not subject to clarifications or amendments made as part of a revision unless registered for that rating tool version.

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