Rating system

Green Star is an internationally-recognised sustainability rating system

There are four Green Star rating tools available for certification of design, construction and operation of buildings, fitouts and communities.

Take a further look at the four Green Star rating tools.

Legacy rating tools

Legacy rating tools are Green Star rating tools that have been superseded by the release of new rating tools. Registration for legacy tools closed in December 2015.

We encourage all projects to use the latest rating tools available and take advantage of improved services and other benefits. To transition a project, get in touch.

Rating tool development

The Green Star rating system and the rating tools have been developed with the assistance and participation of representatives from many organisations. The rating tools may be subject to further development in the future.

New versions

The rating tool will be updated regularly as follows:

  • Annual revisions (minor updates) – which will result in a release of a revised rating tool.Additional reviews will occur throughout the year should a correction be deemed necessary. e.g. v1.1, v1.2.
  • Three yearly rating tool overhaul (major updates) – which will result in a release of a new rating tool version. e.g. v1.0, v2.0.

When new rating tools are released, projects are able to register under the previous version for up to one month after the new version is released. After this time, the most current rating tool is used.

While each rating tool will be updated from time to time, project teams are only required to adhere to the Submission Guidelines for the rating tool that their project is registered under. If the project team chooses, a later version can be used. Project teams are not subject to clarifications or amendments made as part of a revision.

Project teams may formally update the version (as in move from version 1 to version 1.1) of the rating tool by contacting the GBCA. For additional details, please contact the Market Engagement team.

Five simple steps to certification



Log your project online.



Get familiar with the documentation needed to demonstrate that your building, fitout or community meets Green Star's sustainability benchmarks with our submission guidelines.



Submit your documentation to the GBCA for Green Star assessment.



Green Star submissions are reviewed by an independent panel of sustainable development experts and an overall score is assigned.



A Green Star certified rating is awarded as a third-party verification of a project's sustainability.

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