Rating system

Green Star is an internationally-recognised Australian sustainability rating and certification system

There are four Green Star rating tools, these provide a means of certification for building design and construction, operation, fitouts and communities. These tools have been developed by Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), in close consultation with industry and government, and continues to evolve.

Green Star is a Certification Trademark registered by GBCA. Only projects that have been assessed and certified by us can use the Green Star Trademark or claim to be Green Star projects. We have strict rules and licensing arrangement for the use of the Green Star Trademark.

Green Star rating tools

Rating tool development

The Green Star rating system and the rating tools have been developed with the assistance and participation of representatives from many organisations. The rating tools may be subject to further development in the future.

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Options and services to assist in certifying your building

There are a number of options available for project certification.

If you wish to follow a pathway that is not a single project option please contact the Market Engagement Team as there are further requirements and criteria for each one.