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The Voice is a podcast brought to you by Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), exploring the environmental, social and economic issues the property sector is facing and forecasting the future of our industry.

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Episode 14: assessing local government with the Net Zero Momentum Tracker

Our Policy Manager Tim Wheeler speaks to Coral Bravo about the ClimateWorks’ Net Zero Momentum Tracker project, Coral leads the tool's data gathering and analysis. Listen in to hear how the tool monitors Australia’s progress towards net zero emissions in local government areas, because when it comes to tackling the climate challenge at home, some of our most active advocates can be found at the grassroots level. For more information on the Net Zero Momentum Tracker visit netzerotracker.org

Episode 13: a local update on The Global Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

Tune into our Carbon Leader Series listen to Davina Rooney, CEO, GBCA, speak to Lendlease, Dexus, GPT Group, Frasers Property Australia and Integral Group about the technology and programs being implemented to realise a carbon positive future.

Episode 12: how The Star is developing a greener portfolio

In this episode, we're joined by The Star's Group Head of Sustainability, Amanda Visser, who talks about the triumphs, opportunities and challenges of embedding sustainable business practices across all aspects of operations at The Star.

Episode 11: talking healthy buildings with WELL Vice President AU & NZ, Jack Noonan

In this episode of The Voice podcast, we interview Jack Noonan, International WELL Building Institute Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, about the growing importance of healthy people in buildings.

Episode 10: passion projects and pathways to leadership

In this episode, we talk to our 2019 Future Green Leader of the Year, Adam Jones, about how acts of bravery can pave the pathway to leadership and why having a passion project is an important part of sustaining momentum.

Episode 9: policy priorities in the face of the 2019 federal election

In this episode, we sit down with GBCA Interim CEO and Head of Public Affairs & Membership, Jonathan Cartledge, to discuss our policy priorities in the lead up to the federal election, as well as potential outcomes for industry under a leadership shake up.

Episode 8: a final farewell from former GBCA CEO, Romilly Madew

In this special episode of The Voice, we sit down with outgoing GBCA CEO Romilly Madew, to talk about the incredible strides she's made over the past 15 years in her role. Discussing the transformation of Australia's built environment and the challenges industry has faced along the way, Romilly leaves us with a powerful message to keep fighting the good fight.

Episode 7: lessons in leadership with Property Council CEO, Ken Morrison

In this episode, we talk about pathways to leadership, gender diversity and the future of cities with Property Council CEO, Ken Morrison.

Episode 6: from effective campaigning to greening our cities

In this episode, we sit down with Republic of Everyone Program Manager and City of Sydney Councillor, Jess Miller, to discuss the dynamic projects taking place in the private sector to make our city more sustainable, as well as the next grassroots movements set to gain momentum.

Episode 5: What will Sydney look like in 2050?

Welcome back to our first podcast for 2019! We're joined by the new Committee for Sydney CEO, Gabriel Metcalf, who talks about growth opportunities for the city and the huge potential for development in Western Sydney.

Episode 4: What's driving the next generation of leaders?

In this episode, we talk to our Future Green Leader of the Year, Mirvac ESD Engineer, James Cahill to find out why young people are becoming more and more inspired to take up a career in sustainability roles. Thanks to our Principal Sponsor Frasers Property Australia and Supporting Sponsor Lendlease for partnering with us to deliver our Future Green Leader program.

Episode 3: digitalisation is inevitable, but is it sustainable?

In this episode, we sit down with Simon Carter, Managing Director of corporate sustainability strategy practice, Morphosis, and delve deep into the topic of digitalisation's opportunities and risks..

Episode 2: making room for women in construction

In this episode of Green Building Voice, we sit down with Nicole Sullivan, Senior Manager - Green Star Solutions and chemical engineer by trade, to talk about the setbacks and opportunities she's faced as a woman in the construction industry. Plus, what we can do to work together in closing the gap on gender equality.

Episode 1: storytelling in sustainability

Why is storytelling an essential part of mobilising change? Do we take a positive approach? How can we get people on board with the green building movement? We explore these questions and more. We explore this with GBCA Technical Developer, Devan Valenti, also the author of a book called 'Green Is Not a Colour'.