Across the world, buildings are evolving to clean energy as we address the challenges of climate change, air quality and energy affordability. Transitioning buildings to be fully electric and powered by renewables is an essential step to do this. The technologies for this transition already exist - the key challenges are changing perceptions and improving understanding of the benefits of electrification and how to implement it.

Gas is responsible for almost 30% of building energy consumption in Australia – so eliminating gas from our buildings would make a material difference in a short space of time

Davina Rooney, CEO, Green Building Council Australia

Why electrify?

Climate change

All-electric buildings powered by renewables are the preferred pathway to decarbonise our built environment. Removing fossil fuels from buildings is necessary to reduce climate change impacts. Electrification is also the best enabler to deliver buildings fully powered by renewables today.

Investor benefits

Investors are looking for assets that are on a clear decarbonisation pathway. All-electric buildings that use renewable energy will be able to access sustainable finance, potentially at lower interest rates. 

Resilience and risk reduction

As we move to decarbonise the economy, the need to retrofit assets and remove equipment using fossil fuels from service will only become more important. An all-electric building is a more desirable asset, ready for the future.

Health benefits

Using natural gas for cooking in buildings generates toxic air pollutants. Occupants are exposed to these pollutants during combustion as well as due to leakage. These impacts can increase asthma and exacerbate respiratory illnesses. All-electric services eliminate these pollutants, improving indoor air quality.

Tenant and consumer preferences

Many organisations have set goals for zero carbon. Natural gas and other fossil fuels are incompatible with these goals. An all-electric building will be more attractive to these organisations and consumers as well.

Practical guides to electrification

Developed in partnership with Cundall and supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and NSW Government, GBCA’s practical guides detail the most effective ways to electrify buildings, using a range of technologies. 

For existing buildings

This guide will take you through the steps to retrofit an existing building to be all-electric. It covers:

  • the types of technologies that can be used today to replace natural gas with electric solutions  
  • seven key issues to consider when electrifying  
  • how to address the common myths and barriers to electrification

Read the release

Download the guide

For new buildings

This guide outlines the steps involved in delivering an all-electric new building and the types of technologies that can be used today to eliminate fossil fuels for space heating, hot water, and cooking.

Read the release

Download the guide

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