Promoting your Green Star project

100 Skyring Terrace, QLD. Charter Hall. 5 Star Green Star - Office As Built v3.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better, more sustainable future

The built environment has a direct impact on people and the planet, so targeting a Green Star rating is a great way to ensure resilience, health and future-readiness. 

To make it easy, we’ve created a clear set of guidelines that will take you through how to promote your Green Star project – from registration to the final certification of your project. 

From the moment you register your Green Star project with us, you can start promoting your Green Star ambitions. This indicates to stakeholders and customers that you are engaging in the movement for a better future, with healthier, more responsible spaces – something we know more and more people are looking for in buildings and businesses.

To get started, select the relevant marketing guideline for your project. Different marketing guidelines apply for different rating tools. Please ensure you're following the relevant guideline.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

For Green Star Buildings
May 2024

Marketing Rules & Style Guide for Green Star Buildings

These marketing guidelines only apply to projects registered under Green Star Buildings. They do not apply to Design & As Built or other rating tools.

For other Green Star projects
November 2022

Marketing Rules & Style Guide for other Green Star projects

These guidelines are designed for Green Star Performance, Communities, Homes, Interiors, and legacy tools including Design & As Built.

For media
April 2024

Media kit

For journalist covering stories about Green Star projects or the Green Building Council of Australia, please see the media kit for guidance and contact details. 

Achieved certification? Time to get a plaque and decal

We know that displaying the achievement of a Green Star rating is important for two reasons; not only is it a recognition of your hard work which should be celebrated, but it’s also a great conversation starter for educating the public and stakeholders who come to your building. You can choose either a plaque, or decal, or both:


Our sleek, modern and durable plaques have been designed to showcase projects that achieve a 4, 5 or 6 rating. Some choose to showcase this in areas with the most foot traffic, while others hang it on the wall of an office. 

A plaque will be a constant reminder of your project's commitment to creating better, healthier and more responsible buildings and places. 

Contact us to purchase a plaque

Digital decals

Our digital decals are another option for you to showcase your project's achievement. They can be easily uploaded to any relevant screens within your building. We offer a portrait and landscape version free of charge. 

These are available for Green Star Performance, Communities, Interiors and legacy tools including Design & As Built.

Contact us to receive a digital decal