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Green Star: the standard in better, healthier and more responsible homes

Did you know that on average 90% of our time is spent indoors? And 2/3 of that time spent is in our homes?  

It’s no wonder the home is considered the most important purchase you will ever make, and likely the most expensive. And with that in mind it’s important that your home is a good financial investment, but is also a comfortable and healthy home for everyone too.

What’s more, not only do our homes need to be comfortable and work for us today, but also be flexible and respond to the needs of tomorrow.

With that in mind the Green Building Council of Australia has developed Green Star homes. A Green Star home is designed to be a comfortable, healthy home that doesn’t cost the earth to run.

Designed to the standard set by the Green Building Council of Australia, and assessed against three categories. Each of which play an essential role to ensure our homes are better, not just for today but tomorrow too. 

With a Green Star home you’re not only making a choice to go easy on the environment, but you’re also choosing lower ongoing bills. And a healthier, comfortable place to spend time with your family.

Green Star Home benefits

So, just how is a Green Star home better? By being healthy, positive and resilient, you will see the benefits for you and your family.

An industry expert assessment* has demonstrated that Green Star Homes owners may be financially better off from day one, with savings in energy costs alone of $90-$140 per month.

*Reference: KPMG Green Star Homes Standard Report, 03/08/2023

Make the better choice for your family. Ask for Green Star, the standard in better homes.

Experience a Green Star Home

Experience just what a Green Star home is like, along with its benefits:

Find a Green Star Home

We are excited to have Ingenia, Stockland, Mirvac, Metricon and Landcom as partners in the Green Star Homes standard who are committed to building a range of Green Star Homes. 

Make a better choice for your family and the environment. Ask your home builder about Green Star Homes. The better standard.

Ingenia Communities have become the first developer in Australia to commit to a master planned development of 261 Green Star certified homes at Beveridge, Victoria, all within a site which is also targeting a Green Star - Communities rating.

Green Star certified homes at the Beveridge Green Star Community will incorporate features such as:

  • Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) rating of 7.5
  • Internal and external moisture barrier wrapping, Class 4 vapour permeable external membrane to maintain air tightness and the thermal properties of the home
  • Airtight – Targeting Air change of less than 5m3/hour at 50pa
  • Slab edge insulation. Targeting minimum insulation R2.5 - Walls, R4.1 – Ceiling.
  • Roof ventilation – controls the temperature and reduces condensation build up
  • Double glazed low-e (tilt and turn) UPVC windows 
  • Efficient hot water heat pump 
  • Heat recovery ventilation to the entire home 
  • Efficient Induction Cooktop, Electric appliances, and LED lighting 
  • High quality fixtures to ensure water efficiency with a high WELS rating 
  • Reticulated recycled water line to reduce potable water usage 
  • Low VOC paints 
  • Acoustic performance to reduce noise transfer

The homes will be all electric and have Ingenia’s solar, battery-ready micro grid, providing enhanced thermal comfort.  This will result in cheaper energy and water bills, making them more affordable to run, healthier and more comfortable

Stockland has completed and sold its first Green Star home at Waterlea Vic, which incorporates the very latest innovative design and sustainability features.

The Green Star Home, is a contemporary, architect-designed double-storey townhome with a commitment to sustainable features and connection to the surrounding environment at the Waterlea community.

At a glance the home features: 

  • Minimum 7.5 Star NatHERS rating 
  • Double-glazed windows Draught proofing with increased air tightness 
  • Heat pump hot water system 
  • Energy efficient appliances (not gas) 
  • Refrigerant in the air conditioning that has a lower 
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) Solar panels 
  • A Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system with removable filters 
  • Slab-edge insulation High-quality LED lighting 
  • Use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials, such as paints, carpets and adhesives 
  • A rainwater tank 
  • Highly efficient water fixtures 
  • Roof colours with high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)

Mirvac has completed and sold its first Green Star Home Set within Waverley Park's thriving community in Mulgrave.

'The Future is Now House' is a fully electric, 321 square metre building on a 449 square metre property, the most substantial GBCA certified Green Star Home built to date.

This light-filled four-bedroom family home features:

  • GBCA Green Star Homes certified
  • 7.8 star NatHERS rated 
  • Stunning open plan ground floor living, dining, and kitchen 
  • Fully electric kitchen appliances including large induction cooktop, microwave and integrated fridge 
  • Energy efficient washer and dryer included in laundry 
  • 10kW solar system with a 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery 
  • Red water diverter and two 2,000L water tank

Looking to make your existing home even better?

If you already own or occupy your own home, there are some ways it can be made even better. A positive home is healthy, better for the environment and can help save you money in the long run.

Find out here three ways you can make your existing home more positive with Green Star Homes unpacked.

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Green Star Homes for builders

If you’re a builder, find out more about Green Star homes here.