Railway Stations

Bayswater Level Crossings Removal Project, VIC. LXRP. 4 Star Green Star - Custom (LXRA)

Design & As Built: Railway Stations

Green Star – Railway Stations assesses the sustainability outcomes from the design to the construction of new railway station buildings or major refurbishments, across nine holistic impact categories.

Current version: We are now working with project teams to develop a tailored certification pathway for railway stations under the Green Star Buildings rating tool. To register a railway station under Green Star Buildings or to transition a project, get in touch with our Market Engagement team. 

Expired: Green Star - Railway Stations v1.1. 

Registration for the Railway Stations tool closed in December 2021. Project teams are required to use the latest rating tools available so that they can take advantage of improved services and other benefits. 

Released: v1 12/04/19 and v1.1 - 14/04/2020
Railway Stations that are subject to development approval under the Section J NCC 2019 must upgrade to the newest version of the rating tool.

Categories and credits


Aims to encourage and reward the adoption of practices and processes that support best practice sustainability outcomes throughout the different phases of a project’s design, construction and ongoing operation.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)

Aims to encourage and reward initiatives that enhance the comfort and well-being of occupants. The credits within this category address issues such as air quality, thermal comfort and acoustic comfort.


Aims to reward projects that are designed and constructed to reduce overall greenhouse emissions from operations by addressing energy demand reduction, use efficiency and generation from alternative sources.


Aims to reward projects that facilitate a reduction on the dependency of private car use as an important means of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to encourage the provision of alternative forms of transportation.


Aims to encourage and reward initiatives that reduce the consumption of potable water through measures such as the incorporation of water efficient fixtures and building systems and water re-use.


Aims to address the consumption of resources for the project, by encouraging the selection of low-impact materials.

Land use and ecology

Aims to reduce the negative impacts on sites' ecological value as a result of urban development and reward projects that minimise harm and enhance the quality of local ecology.


Aims to assess the environmental impacts of 'point source' pollution generated by projects and reduce their effects on the atmosphere, watercourse and native animals.


Aims to recognise the implementation of innovative practices, processes and strategies that promote sustainability in the built environment.


We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the development of this rating tool.

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