Certification fees

A certification fee applies to projects pursuing a Green Star certified rating and covers the standard Green Star certification process. The fees are based on the rating tool and Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) membership status of the applicant.

The certification fees on this page are valid until 31 March 2024. 

What’s included in your Certification Fee?

The following items are included as part of the standard certification services from GBCA:

  • Support from a dedicated Technical Coordinator assigned to your project.
  • Other assistance such as an early 'on boarding' workshop to introduce project teams to the process, on request.
  • Five free Technical Questions.
  • A Designed Assessment (or Design Review under the Legacy tools) as an optional interim step towards certification (for the relevant rating tools only, not applicable to Green Star Communities v1 or Performance).
  • License to use the certification trade mark once certified, to promote your project.
  • A decal recognising the Green Star certification for use in your building, precinct or fit-out for ratings 4 star and over.

Interaction with the Green Star Assessor and GBCA, can be organised by the Technical Coordinator on request. 

Please see 'Additional Fees' below for a list of other fees that may arise, and 'Things you need to know' before proceeding with registration. 

Additional benefits for members:

Where the applicant is a GBCA member at the time of registering the project, the following inclusions apply.

  • Potential eligibility for Volume Certification (for Green Star Buildings, Interiors and Communities ratings) and Portfolio Certification (for Green Star Performance ratings).
  • A discounted certification fee (Member rate)

To become a member you need to register your organisation (which includes a membership fee).

Fees are based on the rating tool and the applicant's membership status as outlined below:

  • Green Star Buildings for new buildings and major refurbishments
  • Green Star Homes: for volume homes
  • Green Star - Communities: for communities, precincts and neighbourhoods
  • Green Star - Performance: for building performance
  • Green Star - Interiors: for fit-outs

Green Star Buildings certification fees

For new buildings or major refurbishments 

The certification fee for Green Star Buildings is based on the project’s contract value. Fees excl. GST.

Note: these fees will apply from Monday 18 September 2023. 

Contract value ($ million)

GBCA member discounted fee

Non-member full fee
$0 - $5m$15,000$18,000
$5 - $10m$18,370$22,044
$10 - $20m$22,110$26,532
$20 - $30m$24,585$29,502
$30 - $50m$29,440$35,328
$50 - $75m$34,558$41,469
$75 - $100m$39,100$46,920
$100 - $150m$47,625$57,150
$150 - $200m$52,375$62,850
$200 - $250m$57,500$69,000
$250 - $300m$67,365$80,838
$300m - $400m$78,177$93,812
$400m - $500m $88,988$106,786
$500m - $750m$99,800$119,760
$750m+ Contact GBCA for a quote

Additional certification options:

Multiple project certification options are available for Green Star Buildings and must be agreed to with GBCA before registration.
If you have a question about fees, registration or for more information, contact the Market Engagement team.

Green Star Homes certification fees

For volume homes

The certifications fees for Green Star Homes are based on the number of product ranges (typically requiring one Designed assessment) and the Certification Assessments for each completed home.
A Product Range can also be referred to as a Standard Design. It is pre-set design that forms the basis for the home to be built for the customer. They may be allowed some design variations on this base design, but these are limited.
Fees exclude GST.

One to Four discrete product ranges$4,500, plus $1,500 per product range. For example, two product ranges: $4,500 + (2x$1,500)=$7,500 Designed review of  product ranges, plus 10  ‘Certified’ assessments of completed homes per product range.
Five or more discrete product rangesSpeak to the Market Engagement Team for a tailored fee structureSpeak to the Market Engagement Team for a tailored fee structure

Fees for certifying additional completed homes

Additional Certified Assessments of completed homes can be purchased in batches of ten, at $4,000 per batch.

Please note:

  • Certified Assessments must be used within 24 months from date of the Designed assessment relevant to the home.
  • Technical Questions are available at $220 plus GST each, with the first 5 being free.

Green Star – Communities certification fees

For communities, precincts and neighbourhoods 

Fees excl. GST.

Project type

GBCA member 
discounted fee

full fee

Single project certification$53,200$58,200
Government single project certification$39,900$44,900
University Campus$39,900$44,900

Additional certification options

Multiple project certification options are available for Green Star – Communities. 
Recertification fees

Green Star – Communities certifications expire 5 years from date of certification.
Projects must register for recertification in the Green Star Project Manager portal, agreeing to a new certification agreement and payment of the recertification fee.
Projects can use the version of the rating tool they were previously certified under, or they can upgrade to the current version (or upgrade some of the credits to the current version).
Recertification fees for Green Star – Communities: $16,800 (GBCA Member discounted fee); $21,800 (full fee). Fees excl. GST.

Green Star – Performance v1.2 certification fees 

For building operations  

During the transition from Green Star Performance v1.2 to Green Star Performance v2, all projects will be invoiced at the annual rate. Fees excl. GST. 

Single building certification

Standard fee option
Paid yearly. Fees excl. GST.

GBCA member discounted fee

Non-member full fee


Portfolio of buildings certification 

Portfolio certification (using Green Star - Performance) is available to members only.

Performance v1.2 fees

The fees below include assessment of all portfolio level credits (e.g. policy-based credits) as well as ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ and ‘Potable Water’ and provide you with a portfolio rating, and a basic rating for each building. Fees excl. GST.

Annual fee
Flat fee per portfolio$6,500
Buildings with NABERS Energy rating$170 / building
Buildings without NABERS Energy rating$250 / building


A new rate will apply for Green Star Performance v2: annual flat fee per portfolio $8,000 (ex. GST) and $500 (ex. GST) per building. Please note that Performance v1.2 fees will also be adjusted when v2 is launched.

Optional fees (v1.2 only)

The additional fees below allow you to submit all other credits unique to the building rather than the portfolio (e.g. ‘Daylight’) and provide that building with a full rating.

Annual fee
Additional fee to assess individual building credits$730 / building

Green Star - Interiors certification fees

For new fitouts

The certification fee for Green Star – Interiors is based on the project’s contract value. Fees excl. GST

Contract value

($ million)

GBCA member 

discounted fee


full fee

$0 - $1m$9,000$14,000
$1 - $3m$12,300$17,300
$3 - $5m$14,600$19,600
$5 - $10m$16,70021,700
$10 - $20m$20,100$25,100
$20 - $30m$22,350$27,350
$30 - $50m$25,600$30,600
$50 - $75m$30,050$35,050
$75 - $100m$34,000$39,000
$100 - $150m$38,100$43,100
$150 - $200m$41,900$46,900
$200 - $250m$46,000$51,000

Additional certification options
Multiple project certification options are available for Green Star – Interiors. 

Additional fees

These fees are for services in addition to the standard certification process with the certification fee addresses.

ItemFee (excl. GST)
Technical question (formerly known as CIR and Technical Clarification)$220 per query
Pre-Assessment Review (PAR) (Optional paid service. Opt-in at time of submission)$220 per round of submission
Credit-by-Credit AssessmentRanging from $1,000 to $3,000 per credit, depending on credit being reviewed.

Things you need to know

  • Prices shown are excluding GST. Be sure to add GST.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice and are reviewed at least once every financial year.
  • Once a project is registered there is a no-refund policy.
  • Assessments will not be scheduled until payments for all project invoices have been received.
  • Items you receive as part of your certification fee are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. All items are valid while the project is registered. Once a project is certified any unused items are forfeited.

Project contract value

The project contract value is defined as the dollar value required to complete the works for the entire project, including site works. The following may be excluded when determining total contract value:

  • demolition works.
  • consultants, design fees, project management fees.
  • works outside the site area.
  • buildings or areas within the site that are not being assessed for purposes of Green Star.

Where a number of amenities or services are shared between stages in a larger development, GBCA expects that the cost apportioned to the rated stage is equivalent to the use that the stage will have of these facilities.