Green Star plaques and decals

100 Skyring Terrace, QLD. Charter Hall. 5 Star Green Star - Office As Built v3.


Our sleek, modern and durable plaques have been designed to showcase projects that achieve a 4,5 or 6 rating.

Where can you use the plaque?

We know that some of you will want to mount the plaque on your building, some will want to showcase it in your lobby and some of you may even want it to take prime position in your CEO’s office. That’s why we produced a versatile design that works anywhere.

Note: You will need to input your project number in order to purchase a plaque. 

Contact the marketing team to purchase a plaque


Our decals are another option for you to showcase your project’s achievement and are easily applicable to glass. 

You can choose a decal that displays a simple Green Star Certified mark, one that highlights your project’s level of certification by number or description, or a story decal that explains what your certification means.

Contact the marketing team to purchase a decal