Green Star legacy rating tools

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Legacy rating tools are no longer available for registration.

The legacy Green Star rating tools:

Green Star – Office Design v2

Green Star – Office As Built v2

Green Star – Office v3

Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1

Green Star – Education v1 

Green Star – Healthcare v1 

Green Star – Industrial v1 

Green Star – Multi Unit Residential v1

Green Star – Public Building v1

Green Star – Retail Centre v1


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Latest Rating Tools


Registering under legacy rating tools closed in December 2015. 

New projects must register under the current versions of the Green Star rating tools.

Projects which have been previously registered or have been certified for a Design rating using a legacy rating tool are able to register for an As Built rating, provided that the eligibility criteria is still met.

View the eligibility criteria and certification fees.

Legacy rating tools

If you have a registered project, the legacy rating tools are available to view in your project's records in Green Star Project Manager.

Credit or credit criterion substitution

Projects registered under legacy building rating tools take advantage of the more flexible and easy-to-use credits in current Green Star rating tools by substituting credits. Project teams may elect to substitute relevant credits when they may be advantageous to their project’s Green Star submission.

The following documents detail the process required for substituting credits from Green Star – Design & As Built v1 into legacy building rating tool projects.

The following documents detail the process required for substituting credits from Green Star – Interiors v1.1 into projects registered under previous versions of the rating tool.

If you would like to substitute a credit to a more updated version of the rating tools not included in the (e.g. Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2) please submit a technical question.

Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges, found within the Innovation category, are designed to encourage and direct investment into solutions that address a wide range of social, economic and environmental sustainability issues. Some Innovation Challenges take the form of new credits, while others simply identify sustainability issues that additional research and innovation will help to address. Click here fore more information on Innovation Challenges.

Sustainable materials additional support and guides

The Green Star Materials category consist of credits that facilitate and recognise the efficient use and management of building and fitout materials. In order to assist project teams, the GBCA has made improvements and developed additional reference material.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs): Products and materials in Green Star rating tools are addressed through credits which target the consumption of resources through selection, use, reuse and efficient management practices of building and fitout materials. The GBCA has developed some background and guidance relating to LCA and EPDs when submitting documentation within Green Star credits.

PVC: The Best Practice Guidelines for PVC, developed after extensive stakeholder feedback, provides guidance for project teams wishing to demonstrate compliance with the Green Star credit.

Product Certification Schemes: The GBCA has developed a framework to acknowledge products certified by product certification schemes within the Materials category (Material Calculators, Fitout Calculators and the VOC credit) in Green Star rating tools for design and construction, and the 'Green Cleaning' Credit in Green Star – Performance.

Design rating expiry

The GBCA introduced time limits on Green Star – Design ratings from 1 January 2013. This means that Green Star – Design ratings awarded to projects registered on or after 1 January 2013 expire 24 months after the building’s practical completion.

The certification process

There are five simple steps to achieving certification:

  1. Register your project online
  2. Get technical support
  3. Compile your submission documentation
  4. Submit documentation for assessment
  5. Green Star certified rating achieved
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