Alkimos Beach, WA, Lendlease & Western Australian Land Authority 6 star Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.1

A rating tool for developments at a precinct, neighbourhood or community scale

Why Green Star – Communities 

By 2027, we can expect Australia to be home to over 28.3 million people, as much as 70% will be dwelling in our main capital cities. 

How our towns and cities grow and take shape will have a major impact on our planet and its people. Those of us working in the property and construction industry have the opportunity to be able to shape the progress of our existing and future communities to make them better not just for people and the planet, but for business too. 

Addressing sustainability and liveability issues at the precinct scale is an opportunity to deliver better built form at a larger scale. Its also the opportunity to go beyond the building and address other issues such as  public realm and amenity, sustainable transport and walkability, integrated water management, and place and community development. 

The Green Star – Communities rating tool provides guidance on how you can develop precincts that are healthy, resilient and positive places for people to live and work in.

Current rating tool: Green Star - Communities v1.1, released 13/09/2016
Upcoming rating tool: Green Star Communities v2, consultations closed. Learn more here.

86 communities certified

with 19 recertifications, totalling 19,000 ha of Green Star - Communities certified

890,000+ people will live or work in Green Star - Communities

including 510,000+ residents and 380,000 workers and students

Precincts certified are diverse

Airports, university campuses, greenfield residential projects and mixed-use urban regeneration areas are just some of the kinds of precincts that have received a Green Star - Communities certification.

Since it’s first release in 2012, Green Star - Communities has provided a framework of what a sustainable precinct development needs to consider in Australia. And the certification process means you can celebrate your leadership, aspiration and project outcomes to stakeholders with the backing of Australia’s leading independent third party verification for the built environment.

Nick Alsop, Senior Manager – Buildings, Precincts and Homes

Categories and credits 


Aims to encourage and recognise developers and projects that demonstrate leadership within the sector, by establishing and maintaining strong governance practices. The category promotes engagement, transparency, as well as community and industry capacity building. It also seeks to ensure that community projects are resilient to a changing climate.


Aims to encourage and recognise developments that deliver safe, accessible and culturally rich communities. The category encourages the development of healthy and active lifestyles, and rewards communities that have a high level of amenity, activity, and inclusiveness.

Economic prosperity

Aims to encourage and recognise projects that promote prosperity and productivity. The category encourages affordable living and housing, investment in education and skills development, and community capacity building. This category also promotes greater productivity through emerging opportunities in the digital economy.


Aims to reduce the impact of urban development on ecosystems. It encourages resource management and efficiency by promoting infrastructure, transport, and buildings, with reduced ecological footprints. The Environment category seeks to reduce the impacts of projects on land, water, and the atmosphere.


Aims to recognise the implementation of innovative practices, processes and strategies that promote sustainability in the built environment.

How we support your organisation to achieve certification

  • dedicated Technical Coordinator support
  • tools and guidance material
  • workshops with GBCA
  • access to case studies
  • webinars and Insights sessions
  • meeting with Assessors as required

Steps to certification


The Submission guidelines explain each credit's aims, criteria and compliance requirements, and offers additional guidance, background information and resources.

You can download the submission guidelines from the shop or the Green Star resources portal. GBCA members can access the Submission guidelines for free.

The Green Star – Communities National Framework is a vision, a set of principles and aspirations to help guide and support the development of sustainable communities. It was conceived before the rating tool was developed, and provides a broad direction when envisioning a sustainable precinct.

The purpose of the project inception checklist is to ensure that project teams embed the principles of the Green Star – Communities rating tool into the early project planning activities.

Introducing Green Star Communities v2

Green Star Communities v2 aims to drive more sustainable outcomes at the precinct scale. It provides a clearer definition of a sustainable precinct and sets a pathway for climate positive precincts to be delivered over the next decade. 

Learn more about Green Star Communities v2