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Green Star Performance is Australia’s leading sustainability rating tool to assess the operational performance of existing buildings.

Why Green Star Performance?

Buildings are the single largest contributor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, using 36% of global energy and generating around 37% of all carbon emissions. 

While the last few years has seen a ‘green gold rush’ of new buildings designed and constructed to the highest environmental standards, new construction accounts for only 2% of our building stock every year. Many were constructed decades ago with little thought given to their social and environmental impacts.

Measurement is the first step towards better environmental management of our buildings. And the Green Star Performance rating tool provides the benchmarks and pathways to optimise the ongoing operational performance of buildings across many asset classes.

Green Star – Performance provides a framework for projects to track and progressively improve their operational performance which is integral in the transition towards net zero. Initial certification acts as a benchmarking exercise and subsequent certifications facilitates the creation of clear goals and a process to improve over time.

Jamie Wallis, Senior Manager Market Engagement, Green Building Council Australia

Current rating tool: Green Star Performance v1.2, released 29/11/2017

Upcoming rating tool: Green Star Performance v2, Submission guidelines released September 2022. Online system launch and formal registrations open 2024.

Key features of Green Star Performance

Higher returns

Green Star-rated buildings deliver consistently higher returns on investment than their non-green counterparts. 

Green Star-rated office buildings deliver a 4.3% higher capital value pm, a 13% increase in net income, and a 25% increase in weighted average lease expirylonger Weighted Average Lease Expiry

Reduced operating costs

With energy costs rising steadily, energy-efficient buildings make good business sense. Without significant capital costs, green buildings can save on energy operating costs for years to come.

4 Star Green Star Performance rated buildings consume less energy and water than the average Australian building, which translates into financial savings. 

Attractive to tenants and buyers

  • 80% of Australians believe Climate Action is necessary and they are actively looking to brands to play their role.
  • 34% of green building activity is driven by client demand.
  • 78% consider a brands social or environmental actions when making a purchasing decision. 

Better for your tenants and patrons 

Attracting and retaining talented employees is vital to any business’ success – and a Green Star rated building is a valuable employee benefit. 

  • 8.5% increase inpatient recovery rates. 
  • Up to 76% improvement in employee wellbeing and perceived productivity.

Ensures holistic outcomes and streamline ESG reporting

Green Star Performance helps building owners measure how well they are managing existing assets and where they can improve into the future. This rating tool is comprehensive and covers nine categories:


Aims to encourage and reward the adoption of practices and processes that support best practice sustainability outcomes throughout a building's ongoing operation and aims to improve a project's sustainability performance by influencing areas where decision-making is critical.

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)

Aims to improve occupants' experience of the space, by encouraging and rewarding initiatives and measured outcomes relating to attributes that enhance the comfort and well-being of occupants.


Aims to reward building owners for implementing strategies and taking actions to measure and reduce a building's operational energy use, below that of a comparable standard-practice building.


Aims to reward projects that facilitate a reduction of building occupants' dependency on single occupant motor vehicles as a means of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions by influencing commuting habits based on location, and on transport-related services offered.


Aims to reward building owners for implementing strategies and initiatives that reduce the consumption of potable water in building operations associated with cooling, irrigation and occupant amenities, below that of a comparable standard-practice building.


Aims to address the consumption of materials that go into, or come out of, a building during the operational phase of its life cycle, through sustainable procurement and purchasing and the management of waste.

Land use and ecology

Aims to reward buildings that minimise harm to the local ecology of the site, by discouraging environmental degradation, and by encouraging the restoration of natural environments whenever possible.


Aims to address the environmental impacts of 'point source' pollution, generated by buildings, on the atmosphere and local waterways.


Aims to recognise the implementation of innovative practices, processes and strategies that promote sustainability in the built environment.

Provide independent assurance to stakeholders

Green Star is accredited to ISO9001, ensuring ratings are auditable and replicable. Certified projects can proudly display the Green Star Certification trademark, providing independent verification of sustainability claims.

Attract sustainable finance

Green star certification is aligned with standards such as the Climate Bonds Initiative and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation – unlocking avenues of finance only available to certified assets.

Pathway to Climate Active Carbon Neutral

We now offer a certification pathway against the standard through integration in Green Star – Performance v1.2. Buildings in operation can be assessed for carbon neutrality at the same time as seeking a Green Star – Performance rating, and benefit from synergies of parallel assessment to achieve certified ratings.

How we support your organisation achieve certification

  • dedicated Technical Coordinator support
  • tools and guidance material
  • workshops with GBCA
  • access to case studies
  • webinars and Insights sessions
  • meeting with Assessors as required

Steps to rating

1. Contact us

Email to request a briefing or visit to attend a webinar or course on Green Star Performance.

2. Register your project

The earlier you do this the easier the process will be. Once your project is registered you can share your Green Star ambitions with your networks.

3. Submit your documentation

Get familiar with our submission guidelines and the documents needed to show your project meets our benchmarks, then submit them to us.

4. Get your project assessed

Our independent panel of sustainability experts will assess your submission, give feedback and/or confirm certification.

5. Promote your achievement

Once you're certified you're ready to share your achievement with the world!

6. Recertify every 3 years and continually improve

Certification with Green Star Performance lasts three years, with an annual requirement to submit energy and water data.


Moving to Green Star Performance v2

Green Star tools are built by industry, for industry and designed, tried and tested by leading sustainability and property experts. 

Our updates to Green Star Performance reflect the increasing expectations from tenants and investors to transition away from fossil fuels toward net zero, and to help reach targets in line with climate science.

Green Star Performance v2 release timing

Bringing us one step closer to general launch, Green Star Performance v2 Online is now live for our Early Access Partners. We are working with them to test the platform on Green Star Performance v2 portfolios in real time in this initial launch of Green Star Performance v2 Online into our production environment. An update on timing for the general release to industry is outlined below:

  • Registrations for the public are on track to open in mid-2024 with the date to be confirmed soon
  • Preparation of submissions can commence once a project is registered.
    • Registered projects will have access to the Green Star Performance v2 Online platform allowing project teams to become familiar with the online environment and to start uploading information. 
  • Submissions for assessment via the online platform are expected to be accepted in the latter part of 2024. 
    • Please note that this timeframe means that the GBCA does not expect to be issuing certifications for Green Star Performance v2 projects this year. We request that project teams are mindful of this timeframe and plan accordingly.

About the transition period

  • All projects are eligible to register under Green Star Performance v2 when registrations open, if they choose.
  • New projects/portfolios will be required to register under the latest version of the rating tool (i.e. Performance v2) from 1 January 2025 onwards. This means that registrations for Performance v1.2 for new projects will close 31 December 2024. 
  • Existing projects/portfolios ratings have until 1 January 2026 to transition, after which date all projects must be submitted under Performance v2.*

*Please note that this is an update on the prior advice requiring existing projects/portfolios to certify under Performance v2 by January 2026.

New projects can register under v1.2 until 31 December 2024.

Existing projects can submit under v1.2 until 31 December 2025.

Certification fees

A new certification fee structure will apply for Green Star Performance when registrations open. The Performance v2 portfolio fees are published on the certification fees page
Existing users should note that the current fee structure for Performance v1.2 portfolios will expire at the end of the year. From 1 January 2025 onwards, the new fee structure will apply to all portfolios regardless of which version of the rating tool it is registered under. 

Upcoming GBCA course

Keep an eye on our Courses and events page for a forthcoming Performance v2 Advanced course.

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