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A rating tool for new buildings and major refurbishments

Why Green Star Buildings?

Climate action, resource efficiency and health & wellbeing are key megatrends changing the world as we know it. More and more companies are committing to climate action, as investors, consumers and employees expect more from companies than ever before. It's imperative that the built environment responds to meet the challenges of our time, or risk obsolescence.

Launched in 2020, Green Star Buildings has been especially designed to meet the challenges of the next decade, delivering assets that don’t just meet the expectations of today, but are also future ready and will withstand evolving customer demands, regulatory requirements and increased scrutiny against greenwashing. The biggest overhaul of the Green Star rating system in over 18 years, Green Star Buildings has been embraced by industry with over 400 new buildings registering under the tool – the fastest uptake out of all Green Star rating tools.

Whether you’re a developer, occupier, investor or leasing agent, Green Star Buildings will help you stay ahead in a changing world. Discover how Green Star Buildings can help you today. Download a brochure below or email to request a briefing. 

Green Star Buildings is a tool for our time. It encourages bold action to eliminate emissions and responds to the needs of building developers, owners, tenants and investors alike who no longer want just a great building, they want a great green building.

Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, President, Chief Executive Women and Former CEO & Managing Director, Mirvac

Current rating tool: Green Star Buildings v1 - Revision C; Released 18/10/2023 

Key features of Green Star Buildings

Help future proof your asset

Green Star Buildings is a holistic tool that extends beyond the environment to address the issues that will define the next decade of the built environment. The tool’s 8 categories enable owners and developers to act on the areas of sustainability that matter most, future proofing a building for the long-term.

A clear path to reach your decarbonisation goals

Green Star Buildings includes the Climate Positive Pathway* - a clear set of targets aligned with the IPCC recommendations to help you deliver a Climate Positive building that’s fossil fuel free, powered by renewables, highly efficient, built with lower carbon materials and offset with nature. 

Access sustainable finance with ease

Any building that meets the Climate Positive Pathway automatically complies with the Climate Bonds Initiative, making attracting capital simpler than ever.

Fast, simple, streamlined reporting

Green Star Buildings has been specifically designed to align with leading frameworks, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, GRESB, IPCC recommendations and the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosure. The result? A project that aligns with expectations and makes the reporting process faster and simpler.

Meet tenant demands for better, healthier buildings

In a post-COVID world, healthier buildings are more important than ever. Green Star Buildings sets minimum standards for fresh air, adequate light, acoustic comfort and exposure to toxins, whilst also incentivising you to go beyond and reach higher benchmarks – so you can rest assured you’re delivering a healthier building that will be sought after by tenants.

Be recognised for your leadership

Green Star certification is your opportunity to differentiate your brand in a competitive market. 

Build for better returns

Our experience of certifying thousands of buildings across Australia has proven that Green Star certified assets lead to better returns.

  • 16.4% higher capital value per m2**
  • 13.5% higher annual return**
  • 23% longer weighted average lease expire WALE**
  • 66% less electricity***
  • 51% less water***

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meet Minimum Expectations

For any project to be Green Star certified it must meet 10 minimum expectations. These expectations are set to ensure all Green Star rated buildings meet a basic definition of a green building. 

  • Deliver on the Climate Positive Pathway

Projects registering from 1 January 2023 and targeting 5 or 6 star* must then  meet the Climate Positive Pathway – a clear set of targets helping you deliver a Climate Positive building. 

  • Achieve Credits

A project is awarded points for each credit achieved. The total points determines the Star rating awarded. 

*Please note the requirements for meeting the Climate Positive Pathway vary depending on the date of registration. Please see the submission guidelines for full requirements.

Green Star Buildings awards one type of certification, Green Star Certified, with three levels of recognition  – 4 Star, 5 Star, and 6 Star, representing Best Practice, Australian Excellence and World Leadership. Projects can also choose to obtain a Green Star Designed assessment representing a precertification that the building’s design is on track to achieve a Green Star rating when assessed after construction. 

Green Star certification is a simple but robust online process managed by the Green Building Council of Australia. 

1. Register your project
Register your project directly using our online platform. Please check that your project meets the eligibility criteria. If you have any questions, contact us at

2. Submit your documentation
Get familiar with our submission guidelines and the documents needed to show your project meets our benchmarks, then submit them to us. 
3. Get your project assessed
Our independent panel of sustainability experts will assess your submission, give feedback and/or confirm certification. 

4. Promote your achievement
Once you’re certified you’re ready to share your achievement with the world! 

Start the journey towards better

If you’re ready to start the journey towards a better built future, email for more information or to request a briefing.

*The requirements for meeting the Climate Positive Pathway vary depending on the date of registration. Please see the submission guidelines for full requirements.

**Green Building Council of Australia, Green Star Rated Assets Outperform the Market, Green Building Voice, May 23, 2023.
***Green Building Council of Australia, Value of Green Star - A decade of environmental benefits, 2013 (p.08)

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