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Green Star Homes is Australia’s leading rating tool for new homes.  

Green Star Homes seeks to create highly efficient, fossil fuel free homes, powered by renewables that are healthy and resilient for all Australians. The Green Star Homes Certification provides you with the assurance from Australia’s leading authority on sustainable buildings with the Green Star Homes Trademark, which you can proudly display to your customers. 

The Green Star Homes standard is created for volume home builders.

Released: 31 August 2021. 

Positive, Healthy and Resilient homes for all Australians

Green Star Homes has three categories focusing on core outcomes that define what a healthy, resilient and positive home is. Each category contains a number of credits with requirements that must be met to meet the Green Star Homes Standard. 

Why certify?

Green Star homes is the only independent sustainable homes certification available in Australia. 

By certifying your homes, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • A trusted mark of quality and assurance that only the Green Star trademark can provide 
  • A point of differentiation in the market, allowing you to stand out 
  • A clear set of standards you can apply, knowing that you are in line with contemporary and leading practice when it comes to sustainability across carbon, etc 
  • Ability to showcase your products and organisation as a one committed to doing the right thing
  • Opportunity to have your organisation and products showcased.

Be part of the change! 

GBCA is working closely with its stakeholders and partners to further raise awareness of Green Star Homes in industry, government and with consumers. By Certifying your homes with Green Star Homes, you can contribute this exciting movement, and respond to the growing consumer demand. 

For more information on the GBCA’s future homes strategy, click here.

Green Star Designed Assessment and Green Star Certified Rating 

There are two important steps in certifying a home. The first is the Designed assessment. This award entitles the builder to use the Green Star Designed logo is for marketing purposes associated with their standard design or product line prior to construction.  

Once a home has been built, the builder will submit ‘as constructed’ evidence for assessment and certification. A Certified home can be marketed as being built to the Green Star Homes Standard.  

Both stages are a document-based assessment process like that available under other Green Star rating tools. The documentation requirements work in a similar manner to other Green Star rating tools. Green Star Homes takes a ‘volume’ approach to certification. For example, evidence for many credits will be submitted and assessed once, rather than for each individual house seeking certification. Through this approach efficiencies in documentation can be made, thus allowing certification at scale.  

Green Star Designed 

The first step on your path to certification is the Green Star Designed assessment. This stage involves submitting the designs of your product range for assessment with GBCA. If it meets the Green Star Homes requirements it will be awarded as ‘Green Star designed’. 

Once awarded by GBCA, this entitles you (the builder) to use the Green Star ‘Designed’ logo for marketing purposes on that product. This will indicate to consumers that the home design complies with Green Star Homes. 

 The ‘Designed’ assessment is not a formal certification. A standard design or product line is a pre-set design that a customer can purchase. They may be allowed set variations on this base design. These homes are not bespoke, thereby creating economies of scale through replication, streamlining, and enhancing efficiencies. This ‘Designed’ home could feasibly be built many times and across multiple locations, as it will form part of a builder’s product range that they offer their customers. 

Green Star Certification 

The second stage is Certification. This is a formal process by which the individual home is awarded a rating following an independent, third-party assessment of the project's submission against the requirements of the rating tool. This is what allows you to prove to your client that their house has been independently certified to meet Green Star Homes’ requirements,.

Marketing Green Star Homes

You can market your Green Star project after it has been registered with us. More information is available below on the benefits of homes and how to market your certification.

Marketing Rules and Style Guide for Green Star projects Learn more about the benefits of Green Star Homes

Technical resources  

The Green Star Homes standard is the key resource to help those seeking a certification understand how to meet the requirements for certification.

Common questions 

To help you understand Green Star Homes and ways to work together, see the common questions for volume builders

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