Multiple Building Single Rating (MBSR)

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What is the Multiple Building Single Rating approach?

The Multi Building Single Rating (MBSR) approach refers to the process of certifying multiple buildings under one single certification.

The Green Star Buildings, Design & As Built and Interiors rating tools and associated Green Star trade marks have been developed to apply to single buildings, and the certification must communicate a clear and accurate assessment of a building.

The MBSR approach is a by exception approach, and project teams wishing to use this approach MUST seek approval through an Eligibility Query before registering the project. This process is to protect the integrity of the certification and how the trade mark is communicated. We reserve the right to cancel project registrations where an MBSR approach has been used without prior approval. 

Criteria for use of MBSR

Project teams wishing to certify using the MBSR approach should meet the following criteria and address them in their eligibility request.

There are two mandatory criteria that must be met for projects to be considered for an MBSR approach.

1. The buildings are to be owned as a package and must be bought and sold together.

If the buildings are sold separately the Certified Rating ceases to be an accurate representation of the original certification. If at any time we are made aware that the buildings are, or will be, sold separately, we reserve the right to cancel the registration or certification.

2. A commitment needs to have been made to deliver the buildings at the same time and under the same contract.

If changes to the timeframe or staging of any of the buildings mean that they will be unable to be delivered together, the decision may be made that the MBSR approach is void and the buildings will need to be registered independently for separate certifications.

There are three other criteria that should be met for projects to be considered for an MBSR approach. Projects that do not meet criteria 3, 4 and 5 may still be considered, but should describe in their eligibility request why any exceptions should be made.

3. The buildings should sit near each other, with minimal chance of a building being constructed between them.

This is to ensure the boundaries of the certification remain clearly defined and reduces the risk of buildings not included in the original certification being perceived as being Green Star certified later on.

4. The buildings should have the same use.

This is to ensure a streamlined assessment process and to ensure the final Certified Rating is representative of the sustainability attributes of all the buildings.

5. The buildings should have the same design.

This is to ensure the final rating is an accurate representation of both buildings.

Rating Tools

This approach is applicable for projects registering under the below rating tools:

If your project does not meet the above criteria and you are wishing to streamline the certification approach for multiple projects, please contact the Market Engagement team to discuss Volume Certification or a Site Wide approach.

Please note that the MBSR approach is different from Portfolio Certification, Volume Certification, and Site Wide Credits. 


Fees for MBSR certification will differ to certification fees for a single building certification. Contact the Market Engagement team to clarify fees for your approach.
If you would like to discuss MBSR further, please submit an Eligibility Query or contact the Market Engagement team at:

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