Certification process

Green Star certification is a formal process during which a building, fitout, or precinct is awarded a rating by an independent, third party assessment panel of sustainable development experts through a documentation-based assessment. A Green Star certified rating provides independent verification that a building or community project is sustainable.

Learn more about the standard Green Star certification process.

Certification process

Five simple steps to certification



Log your project online.



Get familiar with the documentation needed to demonstrate that your building, fitout or community meets Green Star's sustainability benchmarks with our submission guidelines.



Submit your documentation to the GBCA for Green Star assessment.



Green Star submissions are reviewed by an independent panel of sustainable development experts and an overall score is assigned.



A Green Star certified rating is awarded as a third-party verification of a project's sustainability.

Register your project

1. Register your project online

Before registering projects, you should have the following information available:

  • Details of the project applying for certification (project name, address, size, practical completion date, proposed submission date).
  • Details of which version of the NCC to which the project is being constructed.
  • Details of the applicant company and applicant contact (ACN, name, address, phone number, email address).
  • Details of the project contact (name, phone number, email address).
  • Details of the marketing contact from the applicant company. e.g. marketing/communications manager (name, email, phone number).
  • Review eligibility: Check the requirements to achieve a Green Star rating.
  • Review certification fees: Check the fee payable to undergo the certification process and achieve a certified Green Star rating.
  • Review the certification agreement: Check the standard terms and conditions to proceed with the certification process.
  • Review the Trade Mark Rules: Communities or Trade Mark Rules: Buildings and Fitouts: Check the rules in which the Green Star trademark can be used.

How to complete the online registration form

If you are an Applicant contact

Complete the online registration form. At the end you’ll be asked to accept the terms of the Certification Agreement. Once accepted, you will be sent an invoice which, once paid, will complete the registration process.

If you are an Applicant Agent

Start completing the online registration form. Once you get to the section “Step 5: Agreement”, you'll need to show us you have authority from the Applicant. To do this, click on “Request authority” which will trigger an email to the Applicant contact directing the contact to log in to our website and click the link to provide us with the authority needed. Once this has been done, you will be notified via email, and will then be able to complete the registration by clicking to accept the terms of the Certification Agreement. Once accepted, you will be sent an invoice which, once paid, will complete the registration process.

If you require assistance, please refer to the FAQs or contact us on 02 8239 6200.

Register your project

Eligibility criteria 

Any new or existing building, new fitout, or master planned precinct can achieve a Green Star rating using our internationally-recognised certification system. Eligibility for Green Star certification is based on the Green Star rating tool, as outlined below:
For communities, precincts, and neighbourhoods (Green Star – Communities)
For new buildings or major refurbishments (Green Star – Design & As Built)
For new fitouts (Green Star – Interiors)
For building operations (Green Star – Performance)

Eligibility criteria

Green Star certification fees

A certification fee applies to projects pursuing a Green Star certified rating, and covers the standard Green Star certification process. The fees are based on the rating tool, as outlined below:

More on certification fees

Green Star Certification Fees

2. Document

The GBCA offers a number of services designed to help you reduce project risk, achieve clarity, and ensure a successful submission. If you have any questions about these services, contact us.

Query Types


How to submit a query

Technical QuestionA request for further clarification on 
an item within in the credit.
How to submit a Technical Question
Area DefinitionA request to confirm whether your
interpretation of the nominated area
is correct.
How to submit an Area Definition request
Eligibility QueryA request to provide clarification
around your project’s eligibility for certification.
How to submit an Eligibility Query
Ask a question


  • Answers to queries must be included as part of your submission, as they are used by the independent certified assessors when assessing your project. The official query response overrules any guidance in the credit, and are a great way to ensure a successful submission.
  • Queries can be submitted online through the Green Star Project Manager. We aim to answer all queries within 10 working days. Due to the complexity of some queries submitted, we may require further explanation from project teams. In these cases, a member of the Green Star team will contact you to discuss.
  • Queries must be associated with a project. If a query is not attached to a project, additional fees, or extended time frames, may apply.


3. Submit

The Green Star Submission Checklist outlines the structure of the documentation you submit for assessment.

Want to be certified before end of year? financial year? or some other deadline?  We understand that many project teams have timelines set around major events, and to support this we’ve created guidelines, which specify the deadlines you’ll need to meet in order to have your project certified in time for key milestones. Check these out!

Submit for assessment

4. Assess

Once you have the documentation compiled, please send this to the GBCA for assessment, via your Green Star Project Manager.
Our third party certified assessor(s) will then review the documentation for compliance with the Submission Guidelines.
Within the standard certification process, there are two rounds of assessment. At the first round of assessment, points can be awarded and the project can be certified, or points may not be awarded and the project is provided with comments and the opportunity to address these items at the second round of assessment. During the Round 2 assessment, additional documentation addressing the Round 1 comments is assessed.

When the results of the assessment have been validated and awarded the Green Star rating, the GBCA will award a Green Star certified rating.

Need more information on the submission and assessment process?

The assessment process

5. Certify

When a certified rating is awarded, the project will receive a certificate and is granted the use of the Green Star certification trademark. While the Green Star rating tools are freely available, a design, project or building cannot use the Green Star rating logo unless the GBCA has validated the project's achievement through formal assessment and certification. 

Whilst your project is registered, you can however promote what star rating and tool you are targeting in writing only. 

If a project is not registered with GBCA for a Green Star rating it cannot make any statements referring to Green Star.

To understand the do’s and don’ts of using your Green Star certification trade mark logo, see Marketing your Green Star Project for the Marketing and Style Guide.

Need more information about the certified ratings?

Certified ratings

Purchase a Green Star plaque

Once your project is certified, why not consider the purchase of a new Green Star plaque to showcase your achievements?

Green Star plaque

The process outlined above is the standard certification process. 

Other assessment and certification methods include:

  • Credit-By-Credit Assessment (CBCA): The standard certification process includes two rounds of assessments. Up to three extra rounds can be completed through the CBCA process, depending on the stage of the project.
  • Portfolio Certification: The certification process when a group of buildings, with the same owner, are assessed at the same time, using the Green Star – Performance rating tool.
  • Volume Certification: This allows organisations to assess common elements, and then replicate on individual project sites.

Green Star Certification certified to ISO 9001

The Green Building Council of Australia operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the development, upkeep and delivery of Green Star Certification.

iso9001 logo


Green Star Project Manager

Use our online portal to ask queries, submit for assessment, and track the progress of your project. Still need help? We are always available to discuss your project.

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