Future Focus

The GBCA is about to embark on an ambitious journey to reshape our Green Star rating system and bring you the next evolution of the tools.

Green Star Future Focus will see the rating system evolve and adapt to ensure the sustainable built environment delivers what it needs to, whilst also responding to global megatrends and emerging challenges.

Future Focus


Read up on Green Star Future Focus and provide us with feedback

The following documents outline our proposed updates to Green Star, which include ambitious targets for sustainability and changes to the way the tools are structured.

The deadline for providing feedback via our Executive Summary Response Survey is 21st June 2018.

Timeline of activities

We are currently scoping out the next version of Green Star, and we expect this process to run through for six months. The timeline below shows the activities that we will be undertaking over the next two years.

Timeline of activities

Be involved and help us shape the future of Green Star

Green Star Future Focus workshop sessions

During May and June we held a series of interactive workshops to go beyond the discussion paper and listen to what you have to say. Over 100 persons attended workshops across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. A report will be released over the next few months detailing the feedback received on the workshops. We thank all participants for their time. 

Interactive Webinar

An interactive webinar was held on April 23rd. A free recording of this webinar can be found below.

Join the future

We have a track record of success.

15 years ago we set out to transform the built environment through our rating system Green Star. Working together with industry, we’ve affected huge change in the built environment. Since 2003, more than 1,750 buildings have sought and achieved Green Star certification. This is what transformation looks like.

Green Star Future Focus offers an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the innovation and leadership that has helped drive our industry’s success to date. 

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of your organisation’s involvement in Green Star Future Focus in more detail, please contact Debbie Roussakis, Partnerships Coordinator.

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