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Help us shape the next version of Green Star - Interiors: Green Star Fitouts

As our built environment continues to grow, so does the need for healthy, resilient and positive fitouts inside our buildings for the benefit of the environment and the wellbeing of people. Now is the time to redefine what world class sustainability means for building fitouts.   

The purpose of the consultation paper and survey is to describe the proposed vision for the new Green Star Fitouts rating tool, before we commence detailed development of the tool. 

Consultation closed on 10 November 2023.

Green Star Fitouts will be the next generation of Green Star – Interiors and aims to be a simplified framework which will help applicants navigate how to create a sustainable fitout and get it certified by Green Building Council of Australia.

Green Star Fitouts aims to exemplify a new approach to designing, building, deconstructing and reusing fitouts. 

The most significant proposed change to the tool is the introduction of the ‘Circular’ category, which aims to ensure that Green Star Fitouts will lead the industry towards a circular economy. The new tool aims to demonstrate how great planning, design and construction can enable the creation of fitouts that can be reused after the end of life, to reduce waste and allow nature to regenerate.

We propose that Green Star Fitouts: 

  1. Delivers a new definition of sustainable fitouts 
  2. Drives supply chain transformation towards circularity 
  3. Creates spaces you want to be in that are good for you 
  4. Exceeds Paris climate agreement carbon targets 
  5. Supports you with a simplified framework that is relevant to your scope
With tenants demanding healthier, greener and more ethical spaces, the workplace can now be seen as an extension of an organisation’s values, so it is timely that we work with industry to update this important tool and focus on what’s inside a building and the impact it can have

Su-Fern Tan, Head of ESG, CBRE Pacific Region

This paper describes the proposal for the new Green Star Fitouts tool. The development phase of Green Star Fitouts will run until late 2024.

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Episode 20 - What To Expect For Green Star Fitouts

In light of the release of the Green Star Fitouts consultation paper we discuss our vision for the next generation of Green Star - Interiors tool and how we’ll support you – our Green Star users – through the change.


On 9 October 2023 we hosted a webinar that took attendees through the proposed version of Green Star Fitouts.

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