Why should I become a member?

Membership demonstrates your organisation's commitment to the sustainable transformation of the built environment. When you join the GBCA, you’re making a clear statement that your company takes sustainability seriously. You're also joining sustainability thought leaders who together share their expertise, influence industry direction and learn from one another.

Member benefits

GBCA Membership gives you access to a range of benefits that are applicable to all types of organisations. In our latest survey, our members told us the key benefits of GBCA membership were as follows:

Our members

The GBCA membership reflects the diversity of Australian business with over 600 organisations, including individual companies with a collective annual turnover of more than $56 billion, and a combined market capitalisation of $630billion. Our membership also includes local, state and federal government departments, as well as schools and universities across the country. 

GBCA Current Founding Members

These are the current members who have been with us since day one almost 20 years ago! Their support and continued leadership is  the foundation of what the GBCA is today.

Member Directory

For a full list of GBCA members, see the GBCA member directory.

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How does it work and what does is cost?

Our membership options are suitable for companies and institutions of any size who want to contribute to a more sustainable built environment. Membership is based on your organisation type, and the gross annual turnover of your organisation’s Australian operations. Our membership period covers the financial year (1 July to 30 June) – although we welcome new members at any time of the year.

For those organisations who want or expect to commit to our mission, the GBCA offers 3 year loyalty membership options. By Joining now for 3 years, members will lock in membership fees at today’s rates.

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How does my organisation sign up?

Choose the right membership category for you. Register online. Enjoy the benefits of being a GBCA member.

Interested in Membership but want to speak with someone first? Feel free to contact us and we can arrange a time to speak with you about the GBCA and our membership options.

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