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Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Development, VIC. University of Melbourne. 6 Star Green Star - Education Design v1.

Everything you need to know

The Green Star Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program aims to expand industry professionals’ knowledge of the Green Star rating system and provide those working on and delivering Green Star projects with the required skills.

Our program offers two levels of accreditation:

Why become a Green Star Associate (GSA)? 

The GSA acknowledges the commitment of those who support green design, construction and operation, but who are not directly involved in Green Star project work or submissions.  

GSAs can play a strong role in organisational commitment to the built environment, sustainability, and help communicate the language of sustainability. At the completion of the Green Star Advanced Training you will be recognised as a GSA, in order to be recognised as a GSAP you must additionally pass the online exam. 

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Why become a Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP)?

Becoming a GSAP through our Green Star Advanced course puts you on the forefront of sustainability in the built environment.  

As a GSAP you'll be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to become a confident leader in guiding projects through Green Star certification:

  • Assist with compiling the Green Star project submission 
  • Lead the Green Star project submission   
  • Act as project primary or secondary contact & receive CPD points for contribution   
  • Communicate directly with our Green Star team regarding project submissions   
  • Present Green Star case studies and site tours to industry professionals   
  • Join our exclusive Green Star Accredited Professional Directory 

N.B. You must attend the Green Star Foundations before attending any of the Green Star Advanced training days. 

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Green Star accreditation pathway

Maintaining your accreditation

Given the changing nature of the industry, GSAPs must meet certain requirements every year in order to maintain accreditation.  

  • For the first year of enrolment in the program, CPD point requirements are prorated based on the time of enrolment
  • The annual CPD cycle commences on 1 July and ends on 30 June each year
  • CPD participants may re-enroll once minimum CPD points have been achieved and pay an annual re-enrolment fee of $110 for members and $165 for non-members
  • Individuals can maintain their qualification through a combination of the following activities:
    • Green Star points: points earned through GBCA run courses, events or work on Green Star projects
    • Sustainable Development points: earned through (non-GBCA) industry relevant / approved learning activities. This includes: attending events, courses, University/TAFE, Authorship of article/book or presenting.

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