Inside Green Star – 8th edition, April 2022

M_Park Building A, NSW. Stockland. Targeting a 6 Star Green Star Buildings v1 rating.

01 Apr 2022

It’s time to make the jump to Green Star Buildings

Here are the latest news on Green Star Buildings

  • Green Star Buildings is now online
  • Green Star Buildings was updated with more information and updated benchmarks
  • New initiatives recognised under the Responsible Products Framework
  • Green Star Buildings gains international recognition
  • New resources to help you upgrade to Green Star Buildings

Green Star Buildings is now online

In partnership with Microsoft and Build-apps, Green Star Buildings Online has launched. The online system includes:

  • A project manager portal that provides a summary of project and contact details.
  • The Submission forms, an online scorecard and a documentation portal.

The new online system replaces the existing FTP, Project Contact management and Reporting Dashboards. 

To learn more check out this free guide on Green Star Online or create a demo project here.

Green Star Buildings update

Alongside Green Star online, we released a maintenance update to Green Star Buildings. Known as Revision B, this update applies to all projects regardless of registration date, including projects already registered under Green Star Buildings v1 as well as any future registrations.

There are many improvements to Green Star Buildings in this update:

  • More accessible benchmarks in the Responsible Products credits (Structure, Envelope, Systems and Finishes)
  • New Leadership Challenge for the Responsible Products credits
  • New sector specific credits for reducing tenant emissions from operations and fitout construction.
  • Clarifications for Clean Air, Light Quality, Upfront Carbon Emissions, and Other Carbon Emissions.
  • Updates to wording for clarity and renaming the Operational Waste credit to Responsible Resource Management 

The Submission Guidelines, Leadership Challenges, and a changelog are available on the Resources Portal.

New initiatives recognised under the Responsible Products Framework

Five new initiatives have been recognised for compliance under the Responsible Products credits. They are:

More on the Responsible Products Framework

International recognition of your Green Star Buildings certified rating

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) approved and developed guidance for using Green Star Buildings and Green Star Homeswith green bonds certification under the Climate Bonds Standard. 

The latest GRESB survey now also recognises buildings certified under Green Star Buildings and Green Star Homes.

New resources to help you upgrade to Green Star Buildings

If your project is currently registered to Green Star – Design & As Built you can upgrade to Green Star Buildings at any time for free.

We have also released the Green Star Buildings v1 and Green Star – Design & As Built gap analysis tool. This tool helps you compare credits you’re targeting in Green Star - Design & As Built and see what else you’d need to do to achieve a Green Star Buildings rating.

To assist projects upgrading to Green Star Buildings we have an additional support package on offer, which includes enhanced technical support, discounted Green Star training, and additional marketing and promotional opportunities. Please contact the Market Engagement team directly for more information: 

Important deadlines

Looking to submit for assessment in 2022? Check out these important deadlines to make sure you get your results in time.

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New Green Star Homes rating tool released

At GBCA, our vision is to create healthy, resilient, and positive places.

On average, Australian families spend 90% of their time indoors, with two thirds of this at home. So, it’s not surprising to hear that 57% of Australia’s built environment emissions come from our homes. If we are serious about limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees, as committed to in the Paris Agreement, we can’t ignore our homes.

To address this pressing issue, GBCA developed Green Star Homes - a new standard in how homes are designed and constructed.

Green Star Homes is targeted at volume home builders. It has taken the best parts of Green Star and adapted it to houses. For example, it has three categories: Positive, Healthy and Resilient and unlike other rating tools, it doesn’t have a star rating scale. Homes have to meet all requirements in the Standard and are known simply ‘Designed’ or ‘Certified’ to the Standard.

A Green Star Home is one that is positive – in that it is efficient, draught sealed and powered by renewables. It is healthy - in that it is well ventilated, comfortable with products that are better for you. Importantly, Green Star Homes are resilient - that is, they are water efficient and climate change ready.

We’re excited to be embarking on this journey and look forward to working with industry on rolling out this important rating tool in the Green Star suite. 

Learn more about Green Star Homes

International recognition of your Green Star Buildings and Green Star Homes certified rating

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) approved and developed guidance for using Green Star Buildings and Green Star Homes with green bonds certification under the Climate Bonds Standard.  

Making the built environment fossil fuel free

Climate change is the key issue impacting how we develop new buildings in our cities. A key challenge that runs through all of them is how we decarbonise buildings faster. If we are to reduce GHG emissions due to the operation of buildings and meet net zero carbon goals, new buildings must be fossil fuel free – primarily by eliminating the use of natural gas.

An all-electric building comes with many benefits – from easy access to renewable energy, to healthy spaces for occupants. As we move into a decarbonised world, all-electric buildings are future-proofed from having to be refurbished to eliminate outdated technologies. They have less risk of becoming stranded assets. 

This guide outlines the steps involved in delivering an all-electric new building and the types of technologies that can be used today to replace natural gas systems in space heating, hot water, and cooking with electric solutions. If you are a building owner, developer, facilities manager, consultant or building professional, this guide is for you.

Download the guide

This report outlines highlights and achievements for the financial year and what’s on the horizon for Green Star

From the launch of our newest rating tools to the release of our thought leadership papers, our Green Star: a year in focus report outlines highlights and achievements for the financial year and what’s on the horizon for Green Star.

We continue to develop Green Star for the future and this latest report shows industry is taking it up at record highs. This year we certified 430 projects; demonstrating that Green Star continues to grow year on year.

Download the report

Multiple Buildings Single Rating – Eligibility Criteria and Guidance

The Multiple Building Single Rating (MBSR) approach refers to the process of certifying multiple buildings (in close proximity with similar designs and use) under one single certification. The criteria for certifying using the MBSR approach is outlined on our website and expanded on in the MBSR Support Document. This Support document has been developed to guide project teams on the specific expectations of MBSR certification and how to document their submission at a credit-by-credit level. For example, detailing which credits are common across the buildings and may be aggregated (MBSR Credits) and those that differ due to building specific attributes, and must be demonstrated per building (Building Specific Credits).

Green Star trade marks have been developed to apply to single buildings, and certification must communicate a clear and accurate assessment of a building. The MBSR approach is a ‘by exception’ approach, and project teams wishing to use this approach MUST seek approval through an Eligibility Query before registering. The query must address the eligibility criteria found on the MBSR web page. If approved, a fee structure can be confirmed with the Market Engagement team.

These processes are to protect the integrity of the certification and how the trade mark is communicated. GBCA reserve the right to cancel project registrations where an MBSR approach has been used without prior approval. Contact the Market Engagement Team if you have any questions.