Inside Green Star – 5th edition, October 2020

20 Oct 2020

Important registration and submission deadlines

We’re almost ready to release the future of Green Star with the launch of our Green Star Buildings tool on 29 October. To give you plenty of time, we’re announcing key dates for those looking to register under either our current rating tool, Green Star – Design & As Built, the new Green Star Buildings rating tool or our Green Star Legacy As Built rating tools.  

Registration deadlines

When will Green Star Buildings be released? And when can I register for Green Star Buildings?

We plan to release Green Star Buildings on 29 October 2020.  You can register your project as soon as the rating tool is released!

How long do I have to register under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2?

As mentioned in the May 2020 Inside Green Star newsletter, we closed registrations under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2, Green Star – Interiors 1.2, and Green Star – Railway Stations v1 at the end of September 2020. 

All applicants with projects that are subject to the 2016 National Construction Code Section J provisions had until the end of September 2020 to register for Green Star certification.

Projects that are eligible to register for Green Star using NCC2016 but missed the cut-off date will need to contact Market Engagement to proceed with registration. 

How long do I have to register under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3?

We will accept registrations for Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3 until 17 December 2021. 

How long do I have to register a new Volume program under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3?

We will accept registrations for new Volume programs under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3 until 17 December 2020.  

Can I upgrade from Green Star – Design & As Built to Green Star Buildings? Does it cost anything to upgrade?

Yes, and it’s free to upgrade! After the rating tool is released, please talk to your project’s Technical Coordinator if you would like to do this on your project.

Can I downgrade from Green Star Buildings to Green Star – Design & As Built, in future?

No. Once you are registered for a rating tool version you cannot downgrade.

How are Green Star Legacy Rating tools affected? Is there a deadline to register for Legacy As Built certification?

Under Green Star Legacy Rating tools, separate registrations were required for Design ratings and As Built ratings. Design registrations concluded in December 2015. Presently, Green Star Legacy As Built registration is available to projects who have a Green Star Legacy Design registration or certification, and who meet the eligibility requirements for these rating tools (in particular, completing certification within 24 months of practical completion).

We will be closing off registrations for Green Star Legacy As Built on 17 December 2020. This deadline will allow project teams ample time to register any intended Legacy As Built projects.

If you intend to register for Green Star Legacy As Built certification, we encourage you to register this project as soon as possible, to ensure we can  support your project through this process. To register your project please contact the Market Engagement team (02 8239 6200).

Who do I contact if I have more questions about registration and transition?

Please feel free to contact the Market Engagement team (02 8239 6200) or

Submission deadlines

General timing requirements

All projects have timing requirements to submit for assessment and achieve certification. E.g. achieve certification within 3 years of agreeing to the certification agreement. This timing varies according to rating tool and when you registered.

To find out what timing requirements are applicable to your project, please refer to the Eligibility section of the Submission Guidelines and the certification agreement of your project.

Not sure where to find this? Please speak with your project’s Technical Coordinator who can also assist you if you require an extension to deadlines.

End of year submissions and certifications

Are you aiming to achieve Green Star certification for your project soon? Are you wanting to plan ahead for this financial year? 

We understand that many project teams have timelines set around major events. To support this, we’ve outlined which deadlines you’ll need to meet in order to have your project certified in time for key milestones.

General updates to Green Star guidance

We’ve been improving Green Star guidance. Read below to find out about the most recent updates and guidance available for free:

Industrial Guidance

We’ve been working with asset owners, consultants and contractors to determine additional guidance and pathways for the industrial sector.

The Green Star Design & As Built Guidance for industrial projects and the appendix document provide a set of pathways for Class 7b or 8 Industrial facilities (and class 5 portions within the building) targeting a Green Star – Design & As Built (all versions) rating. It can be applied to both speculative and tenanted projects and it aims to address key barriers such as shorter timeframes, standard procurement and the cost of certification and capital works. It also seeks to maximise opportunities such as the potential capacity for renewables and daylight and provide clarity in areas of Green Star guidance that have been ambiguous for the sector.

The Green Star - Design & As Built Industrial Guidance document is available from the Resources page of our website.

The sector also noted that while sustainability is a growing trend, the benefits of certifying to Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star - Performance are not yet widely known to investors, tenants, and council. To address this, we have also published Green Star in focus: The business case for sustainable industrial buildings.

Guidance – Submitting for Design Review

Based on what we’ve learned over the past six years of submissions, we’ve developed a short guidance document for project teams on how to submit for Design Review – Green Star Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors.

This Design Review Guidance provides answers to common questions asked by project teams. The Guidance - Submitting for Design Review document is freely available from the Resources page of our website.

We hope you find the guidance useful, and if you have any feedback please contact us.

Area Definition request template update

A new Area Definition Request template has been updated in the Resources Portal. Project Teams now only need to nominate the size of a space (in the template and in PDF) if they are targeting the Cold Shell approach from the Fitout Scope Guidance document. Also, Project Teams are only required to justify in their submission to assessors how each space has been nominated, so unless there are exclusions or specific requirements for spaces, Area Definition Requests do not need to be submitted to GBCA for approval. For further information, refer to the Introduction tab of the new template.

New innovation challenges!

We’ve  been working with industry to develop new innovation challenges and the following are now available on our website.

Future Focus

Green Star Homes

We’re excited to announce the release of Green Star Homes Standard for consultation. The Green Star Homes Standard lifts the bar on current regulatory settings by proposing an ambitious suite of minimum criteria for sustainable homes of the future. Three pillars form the foundation of our draft Green Star Homes Standard: health, resilience and net zero energy. We believe these three categories will drive the transformation of the housing market to ensure new homes are built to a higher standard that reflects our changing needs. Consultation on the draft Green Star Homes standard is now open and will run until Friday 30 October 2020. To learn more ahead of giving your feedback, join Elham to unpack the Standard through a series of online webinars. Let us know you're coming by registering here.

Green Star Buildings

As mentioned above, the Green Star Buildings rating tool will be released on 29 October and you’re invited to the launch. Join the GBCA team for an overview of the new tool and a behind the scenes look at how it took shape, RSVP here.

What’s happening with the other rating tools?

As part of the Future Focus Program, work continues on our other rating tools. Green Star Performance Consultation Paper is currently out for comments. Please go to our website to find out more and have your say.