Innovation Challenges

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Innovation & Leadership Challenges are designed to encourage and direct investment in solutions that address a wide range of social, economic, and environmental sustainability issues.

What's new

Innovation Challenges will often evolve into credits in rating tools and so are either retired (only remain available for older versions of a rating tool) or expired (not available for any rating tool). Due to high uptake, several Innovation Challenges were used as the basis for credits or credit requirements in Green Star Buildings and this will also occur for the other Future Focus rating tools as they are developed. In Green Star Buildings, the Innovation credit has been updated as Leadership, with Leadership Challenges replacing Innovation Challenges.

Green Building Council of Australia is currently focused on developing Leadership Challenges and is not accepting proposals for new Innovation Challenges.

Ready to take on an Innovation Challenge?

Eligibility to claim an Innovation Challenge is dependent on the rating tool and rating tool version which is outlined in the Fact sheets. Note some Innovation Challenges are available for earlier versions of a rating tool only. To find the Innovation Challenge available for your project, check the Rating tool eligibility section of the Fact sheet or filter the resources by Rating Tool when downloading from the Resources portal.

Each Challenge has a Fact sheet and Submission template. Like Green Star rating tool credits, Fact sheets provide information on the aim, importance, points available, compliance, and documentation requirements. Submission templates outline information required and must be completed when submitting for assessment. 

Fact sheets, Submission templates and any additional resources can be downloaded from the Resources portal in the Green Star manager. 

These Innovation Challenges are only available for new Generation and some Legacy rating tools (see the Fact sheet for eligibility). Leadership Challenges under the Future Focus rating tools will be released on the Green Star online platform and will not be found on the Resources portal. Existing Innovation Challenges will not be updated and are not applicable to the Future Focus rating tools.

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If you have a question about any Innovation Challenges or Innovation generally, contact us by submitting a Technical Question.

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