Inside Green Star - 4th edition, May 2020

22 May 2020

Transitioning to Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3, Green Star – Interiors v1.3 and Green Star – Railway Stations v1.1

In September 2019, as a response to the new Section J provisions in the National Construction Code 2019, we introduced Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3. Since then, we have also released Green Star – Interiors v1.3 and Green Star – Railway Stations v1.1.
These versions address the changes around energy efficiency requirements under the National Construction Code. 
As the new section J provisions are now mandatory in most of the country, we will be closing down registrations under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2, Green Star – Interiors 1.2, and Green Star – Railway Stations v1 at the end of September 2020. 
All applicants with projects that are subject to the 2016 National Construction Code Section J provisions have until the end of September 2020 to register for Green Star certification.
Projects that are eligible to register for Green Star using NCC2016 but miss the cut-off date will need to contact Market Engagement (02 8239 6200) to proceed with registration. 
Projects that are registered under earlier versions of Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star - Interiors or legacy rating tools, and are subject to the new Section J provisions of the 2019 National Construction Code, must contact their Technical Coordinator for information on how to move to the new Green Star rating tool version and to understand how to manage any unforeseen impacts. 
We have produced a webinar exploring the essentials around the release of Green Star - Design & As Built v1.3, which you can catch up on at any time, free of charge. 
If you have any questions about how to register, please feel free to contact the Market Engagement team (02 8239 6200). If you have any questions about the technical changes to the rating tool, please contact your project’s Technical Coordinator. 

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Improving your Green Star experience 

We’re continually looking at ways to improve your Green Star experience. Here are the latest website improvements: 

Resources – one stop for all Green Star rating tool resources 

We’ve received feedback that it can be challenging to find Green Star rating tool specific information on our website. We’ve listened to your feedback and updated the Green Star Portal to include a Resources page.  

The Resources page is a one stop place where you can download all the technical information related to any public New Generation rating tool, from Submission Guidelines, to submission templates, to scorecards, calculators and guides.  

There are a few filter options, and you can use the search function to help you find the files you want. You can also download one file at a time, or many files at once. 

To access the Resources page, simply log in to the Green Star Project Manager, then view “Green Star Resources”. Members can download the submission guidelines from the Resources page. Non-members will be directed to the GBCA shop to purchase the submission guidelines. 

New request type – Fix or modify a calculator/scorecard 

A new Request type called “Fix or modify a calculator/scorecard” has been created to allow you to report errors in scorecards and calculators, so we can fix these up. This also allows you to obtain a project specific scorecard or calculator where there are specific requirements for your project. E.g. Portfolio specific scorecard. 

Our aim is to streamline the process for you to obtain an updated calculator and scorecard, so we can respond to you as quickly as possible. 

Please note that there is no change to the Transport Calculator. Please see this FAQ for more information: FAQ #96 - How do I get the Sustainable Transport Calculators to work? 

If you have any questions, please talk to your project’s Technical Coordinator.  

If you have any suggestions to improve functionality on the GBCA website or Green Star Project Manager, please let us know by providing feedback online.

Green Star in focus: the business case 

GBCA has developed a report which focuses on the financial benefits of green buildings, from tenants, owners, builders, and consumer perspectives.  

Read the report

Future Focus - what's coming up next?

There’s much to talk about as Green Star Future Focus continues.

Green Star for Performance

The consultation process for Green Star for Performance is starting at the end of May. A consultation paper will be released and we will be holding a webinar to detail our proposed changes to Green Star – Performance.

If you would like more information on Green Star for Performance, please contact Jamie Wallis.

Green Star for Homes

On the first week of May, we announced a new member of the Green Star family – Green Star for Homes.

Green Star for Homes is part of our activities around improving the residential sector. We’ve released a strategy document that outlines our vision for the Green Star for Homes standard, how we are going to achieve this vision, and how you can be involved.

There’s also a video on our website that explains what Green Star for Homes is.

The draft standard is being developed as we speak, and we plan on releasing a public version for consultation in August this year.

Managing the impacts of COVID-19 on Green Star 

GBCA has developed guidance for projects affected by COVID-19, based on rating tool. 

Project teams wishing to use the guidance in this document must contact the project Technical Coordinator or email

Download the guidelines