A year in stories

Stockland Early Access Design, VIC. Stockland, Designed Assessment. On track for a Green Star Homes PILOT rating.

14 Dec 2021

2021 was another big year for our industry and for the world around us, so we’re taking a moment to reflect and revisit the stories that were big for our readers this year. To do this, we looked at the articles that received the highest clicks and reads across our emails, website and social accounts, then we pulled out the top five – happy reading!

1. The top five transformational projects from TRANSFORM

One cannot attend our annual TRANSFORM event and walk away uninspired so when we asked our writer Karen Jamal to profile her favourite project from the event, we weren’t surprised that she came back to us with five. The list includes a lush vertical garden, outdoor workspaces of the future, affordable housing by the beach and so much more.

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2. World-first ‘game changer’ Green Home certification released to industry

Industry had been asking for a tool that rates and guides sustainable homes then COVID-19 lockdowns forced us to realise that many of our homes are uncomfortable and costly to run, so we launched the Green Star Homes Standard to industry ahead of the planned 2022 release to consumers. We can’t wait to see more healthy, resilient Green Star Homes in the new year.

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Stockland Early Access Design VIC. Stockland, Designed Assessment. On track for a Green Star Homes PILOT rating.

3. Sustainability workers in demand but will our skills support the need?

In one of our highest clicked through articles of the year we spoke to Richard Evans, Managing Director at Talent Nation, about the shift he’s seeing in sustainability roles going from “tokenistic nice-to-haves” to something that “gives an organisation a competitive edge.”

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Richard Evans, Managing Director, Talent Nation

4. Time to confront the elephant in the net zero room together

There’s a sense of urgency about the work our sector needs to do around embodied carbon so we spoke to Ann Austin, Lendlease’s Head of Sustainability – Australia, and co-founding member of the Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA), about hidden emissions and what will happen if we don’t act.

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Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability – Australia, Lendlease

5. Five minutes with Alicia Maynard, ISPT

When it comes to sustainable property and its role in responsible investments for superannuation funds, Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability and Technical Services for ISPT, is an industry leader. At a time that ESG strategy is more important than ever we spent five minutes with Alicia to learn about ISPT and the issues most important to investors today.

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Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability and Technical Services, ISPT.