Green Star Online platform status updates

View the latest updates on the Green Star Online platform and the status of issues identified.

Current issues with the platform

Below is a list of known issues relating to the Green Star Online platform which could affect your experience.

Issue titleAffected serviceStatusUpdated
Calculator user guide linkThe links to download the Calculator user guide to not work on all browsers. The guide can be manually downloaded by copying the link (right click the link and select copy link/address) and pasting it into the browser URL bar.Pending03/05/2022
New projects not appearingWhen creating a new project, the contact who created the project is unable to access it in the new platform. In the interim we are manually updating this, please contact the Green Star team if you require immediate access.Resolved01/06/2022
Life Cycle Impacts calculator data importingThe Excel template to import data into the calculator is currently not working and has been removed.Resolved01/06/2022
Energy Use calculator add rowWhen accessing the Energy Use calculator directly from the website dashboard adding rows is disabled. The calculator works when accessed via a demo or live project submission.Resolved01/06/2022
Category summary tallyIn the Submission page summary score the 'All categories' tallying does not appear to be working for projects created after 21/12/2021.Resolved01/06/2022
Movement and Place calculator data savingWhen data is added to the ‘Sustainable Transport’ tab, moving between the pages will clear the data if the ‘Save results’ button isn’t used.Resolved01/06/2022
Movement and Place calculator data formatWhen data is added to the 'Sustainable Transport' tab, some projects appear to have some of the number percentage formatting removed which gives incorrect results. These inputs can be cleared and then added back in. Resolved01/06/2022

Latest updates

Below are highlighted some of the latest updates made to the Green Star Online platform.

Update titleDescriptionStatusUpdated