Green Star Online platform status updates

View the latest updates on the Green Star Online platform and the status of issues identified.

Current issues with the platform

Below is a list of known issues relating to the Green Star Online platform which could affect your experience.

Issue titleAffected serviceStatusUpdated
User Calculator accessSome users are encountering a "No Access. You have not been given permission to access this page." Issue when trying to access some Green Star calculators. If you experience this issue, please confirm the following:
- Is it a specific calculator or all Green Star Buildings calculators?
- Could you previously access the Green Star Buildings calculators?
- Can you access the contributor projects page
- Is this a project specific issue or all Green Star Buildings projects?
- Has anyone else in your organisation experienced this issue?
Please report this occurrence using the 'Report an issue' button below. 
Upfront Carbon Emissions calculator resultsThe calculator result is showing that Minimum Expectation is met and Credit Achievement points are awarded when insufficient reduction in upfront carbon emissions are achieved. Refer to submission guidelines for required benchmarks and disregard the performance level results until this is resolved.Pending16/02/2022
Calculator user guide linkThe links to download the Calculator user guide do not work on all browsers. The guide can be manually downloaded by copying the link (right click the link and select copy link/address) and pasting it into the browser URL bar.Pending03/05/2022
Life Cycle Impacts CalculatorThe issues relating to the saving of inputs and import functionality have been resolved.Resolved07/12/2022

Latest updates

Below are highlighted some of the latest updates made to the Green Star Online platform.

Update titleDescriptionStatusUpdated
Convert Demo Project to Live Project functionThe function to convert a Demo Project to a Live Project has been temporarily disabled, while the GBCA continues to work on the Green Star Buildings 2023 requirements update. Pending10/02/2023
Green Star Buildings 2023 requirements updateProjects who have registered under the Green Star Buildings rating tool on or after 19/12/2022 will not have access to the Submission platform. An update is being worked on, please reach out to the Green Star team in the interim if you have any questions.  Pending10/01/2023
General performance updateThe performance of the application has been reviewed and an update is being worked on to improve overall performance and functionality as well as provide additional features.Pending02/11/2022