Policy Snapshot - June 2024

28 Jun 2024

Consultation opens on Commercial Building Disclosure Program 

The Australian Government has taken a significant step toward improving the energy performance of buildings with the announcement of a public consultation on the expansion of the Commercial Building Disclosure Program, to include a broader scope of commercial buildings. 

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Government lifts expectations for environmentally sustainable procurement

The Australian Government has released the Environmentally Sustainable Procurement (ESP) Policy. The ESP policy requires businesses and suppliers engaging with the Australian Government to demonstrate their capacity to deliver a range of climate, environmental and circularity outcomes. An important step toward a more sustainable supply chain and circular outcomes, this policy will be part of a suite of initiatives by the Australian Government to meet its legislated commitment to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. 

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Seeking supply chain input as part of a Nature Roadmap for the Built Environment 

In March, GBCA launched a discussion paper, A nature roadmap for the built environment to start a new dialogue. Last month we added a companion piece to the conversation, with a discussion paper specifically for the supply chain. This new discussion paper seeks additional feedback from industry, and particularly from manufacturers and product suppliers. 

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Household Energy Upgrades Fund (HEUF) opens to households

Making homes and businesses more energy efficient is an important way to ease the cost of living and take pressure off Australians. In this first round of the HEUF, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is unlocking $60 million through lender, Plenti, to support cheaper finance for rooftop solar, home batteries and other energy efficiency upgrades for Australian homes.  

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Mobilising sustainable finance

The Australian Government has released its Sustainable Finance Roadmap to help investors, companies and the broader community make the most of the global net zero transformation. Designed to help mobilise the significant private capital required for Australia to meet its net zero and our sustainability goals, the Roadmap outlines how Government, regulators and industry will work together to implement sustainable finance initiatives and reforms in a clear and coordinated way. 

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NCC 2022 rolls out in in VIC, QLD & SA 

The adoption of the National Construction Code 2022 commenced in Queensland and Victoria on 1 May 2024. The NCC2022 provisions include new: 

  • residential energy efficiency standards to improve thermal comfort (7-star NatHERS or equivalent energy rating is required) 
  • improved water condensation management rules to prevent homes becoming damp in cold temperatures (this requirement and the two following commenced in QLD 1 Oct 2023) 
  • rules to make sure that commercial buildings are ready for the future, making sure they are easy to fit with renewable technologies like solar panels or electric car chargers 
  • liveable housing design standards to improve accessibility. 

The liveable housing and energy efficiency provisions in the NCC 2022 will commence in South Australia on 1 October 2024.  

Providing policy input for a better built environment

GBCA contributes to federal, state and local government and industry consultations. Consultations currently underway include Minimum Standards for Rental Properties (VIC), A National Urban Policy for Australia, National Construction Code 2025 and the Transport and Infrastructure Sector Pathway (FED).  

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