GBCA welcomes Government’s move to boost building energy efficiency

14 Jun 2024

The Australian Government has today taken a significant step toward improving the energy performance of buildings with the announcement of a public consultation on the expansion of the Commercial Building Disclosure Program, to include a broader scope of commercial buildings.

The CBD program, which requires the disclosure of energy efficiency information for large commercial office spaces, helps building owners and tenants understand and improve their environmental impact, driving greater energy efficiency and sustainability in the commercial property sector.

GBCA CEO, Davina Rooney said the CBD program, underpinned by NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System), has been the driver of enormous emissions reductions across the built environment.

“Since its inception in 2010, the CBD program has resulted in a remarkable 35% reduction in base building energy usage per square metre for disclosure-affected office buildings. This achievement underscores the program's pivotal role in promoting energy conservation, reducing emissions and lowering energy bills,” Ms Rooney said.

“The expansion of the program to encompass a broader range of commercial buildings is a crucial step towards achieving Australia's sustainability goals.”

The commercial building sector is responsible for around 25% of electricity use and 10% of total emissions in Australia.

Ms Rooney said expanding the CBD program will provide greater transparency and encourage more building owners and tenants to invest in energy-efficient technologies and practices.

“This will lead to reduced operational costs, enhanced asset values, and a more sustainable future for all Australians.”

GBCA was pleased to participate in both the Centre of International Economics (CIE) and KPMG review processes contributing insights and recommendations to shape the future of the CBD program. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Government and industry stakeholders to drive further advancements in building sustainability.

The review follows recommendations from GBCA and The Property Council’s joint policy platform, Every Building Counts, to expand NABERS and the CBD program.

For more information about the consultation and how to participate, please visit the Australian Government's Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources website.