Green Star COVID-19 Update

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Managing the impacts of COVID-19 on Green Star

In this page you will find guidance for how to manage the impacts of COVID-19 on your projects. This webpage will be updated regularly.

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Last updated: 8/04/20 (See Changelog).

Should you need additional help, please contact the Technical Coordinator assigned to your project, or, subject line: COVID-19.

Contact Green Star team

Technical Guidance related to COVID-19

Guidance for projects affected by COVID for all rating tools has been collated in this document.

Project teams wishing to use the guidance in this document must contact the project Technical Coordinator or email, subject line: COVID-19. 

Your Technical Coordinator may ask you to submit a free of charge technical question to provide a ruling for use in a submission.

We will aim to provide a final response within 10 working days.

Guidance document

Green Star Design & As Built, Green Star – Interiors, and Legacy rating tools

The document applies to legacy rating tools and all versions of Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors.

Green Star for New Buildings Early Access Projects and projects registered upon the release of the new rating tool should contact GBCA for more information.

The guidance notes alternative solutions when information cannot be obtained due to business or supply chain closures or interruptions. Additional guidance exists around potential extensions due to submission delays beyond two years from practical completion.

Green Star – Performance

Guidance applies to all registered and certified buildings and portfolios regardless of version. It also applies to all buildings registered during the 2020-2022 calendar years.

Buildings or portfolios that have shut down part or all their operations can still achieve a Green Star rating. The aim of this guidance is to ensure shutdowns do not artificially influence the rating, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Guidance has been developed to address the four types of credits: Policy, Action, Data, and Building.

The most affected credits are those classified as ‘Data’ credits. All those submitting any ‘Data’ credit should carefully review the guidance.

Additional guidance exists around potential extensions due to submission delays.

Green Star – Communities

Guidance for Green Star – Communities is in development. Project teams are encouraged to contact the Technical Coordinator assigned to your project or, subject line COVID-19. 

Delays to my ability to submit within relevant timeframes

There are deadlines that apply to each rating tool:

  • For all rating tools, a submission must be made within 3 years of registration
  • For all rating tools except Green Star – Performance, Round 2 must be submitted within 12 months of Round 1
  • For Green Star – Design & As Built, Green Star – Interiors, and Legacy rating tools, As Built certification must be achieved within 24 months of practical completion
  • For Green Star – Performance,
         -  An annual submission for Year 1 and Year 2 audits, or recertification before the expiry of initial certification.
         -  The submission must occur no more than 90 days from the end of the performance period.

There are situations which may result in you needing an extension, including;

  • Delay of construction;
  • Delay in obtaining supply chain information due to company closures; or
  • Project Applicants cease to exist due to liquidation or bankruptcy.

The guidance document outlines situations where extensions may be granted and the process that must be followed.

Assessment and technical support response times

There are no changes to our delivery times for assessment and technical support response times.

Should there be any delays in the future, this page will be updated. 

Contact us about your registered project

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss other issues, please contact the Technical Coordinator assigned to your project or, subject line: COVID-19.

If at any time you believe you are being negatively impacted by the current situation, or by the guidance in this document, or the service that we are providing, and you’d like to speak to a Senior Manager, please contact Elham Monavari, Senior Manager Green Star Operations Transformation

Technical Coordinator Contact Elham Monavari

Contacting the GBCA about registering a project or the benefits of Green Star

If you have any questions about how to register your project, registration fees, or the benefits of Green star, contact the Market Engagement team on

Market Engagement

Practical tips for working from home

The GBCA Market Transformation team has put together a guide for those that are working from home. This guide may be of assistance to you if you are managing a team during these times.



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