Celebrating our 2021 Green Star Champions

31 Mar 2021

First launched in 2020, the Green Star Champion Award recognises the vision, passion and commitment of leaders across our industry who work tirelessly to deliver a more sustainable built environment through our Green Star certification program.  

The 28 individuals chosen in 2021 have been accelerating the transformation of the built environment through Green Star over the past two decades and include professionals responsible for Green Star-rated train stations, long serving assessors, policymakers, and participants in our many Green Star committees and panels. 

Davina Rooney, GBCA CEO says these individuals are solution seekers and problem solvers, inspiring leaders of the future, “The Green Star Champions are ambassadors for Australian excellence in the sustainable transformation of the built environment. Their enthusiasm and tireless dedication to create places that respond to the climate challenge through Green Star can’t be overstated,” says Davina.  

These professionals are motivated by the climate challenge and share a goal of sustainable places for people and the planet. The word “contribute” also comes up frequently when talking to our Green Star Champions.  

“I knew I had to contribute after learning about climate change in the 1980s and watching the impacts since, including rapidly receding glaciers in my years working on the Antarctic Peninsula, and the increasingly extreme weather events around the world,” says Corey Peterson, Associate Director – Sustainability, University of Tasmania.  

Rocio Bona, Planning Director Properties, Facilities & Development at Curtin University, says that for her, the urge to make a difference is a key motivator, “There is no wickeder or more impactful problem to solve than sustainable development. For those of us who are passionate about problem solving and systems thinking, there is no better way to contribute to making this world a better place.”  

Green Star Champions are also bold when it comes to pushing boundaries and using the challenges of the past to create a better future, so we asked the 2021 Champions about their hopes for 2040.  

“I hope we are living in a healthy, green environment, with net zero carbon emissions, water sensitive urban design, a thriving green infrastructure and local economies, sustainable and active transport supporting socially and environmentally conscious and resilient communities,” shares Andrew Bishop, Senior Project Manager, Renewal SA.  

David Collins, Associate Director at Cundall, hopes that by 2040 the built environment has addressed water use and emissions, and is increasingly focused on nature and people, “Buildings will focus on enhancing the lives of their users, healthy environments, connections to nature while being a great part of social fabric. Simple really.”  

For Simone Concha, Executive Sustainability Manager at Western Sydney Airport, the award represents a collective recognition of the goal we’re all striving towards, “This award is recognition of belonging to the tribe of Green Star Champions. It is a joy to share the same passion and long-term commitment to creating a better built environment and making a difference in the world.”  

The 2021 Green Star Champions were announced at GBCA's annual conference, TRANSFORM on 17 March. We congratulate this tribe of champions and look forward to sharing their stories throughout the year.

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