Stockland leads the charge in sustainable communities

31 Aug 2016

31 AUG 2016

Stockland has more Green Star-rated communities than any other developer in Australia, after the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) certified six new communities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Stockland has achieved 6 Star Green Star – Communities ratings, representing ‘world leadership’ in the design and delivery of sustainable precincts, for three projects at Willowdale at Denham Court in south west Sydney; Cloverton at Kalkallo in north Melbourne; and Calleya at Banjup in Perth’s south.

In addition, 5 Star Green Star – Communities ratings, equivalent to ‘Australian excellence’, were awarded for three projects at Altrove at Schofields in north west Sydney; The Grove at Tarneit in Melbourne’s west; and Newport in Brisbane’s north.

These certifications follow Stockland’s 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating for the Aura residential community on the Sunshine Coast, the largest mixed-use development ever undertaken under single ownership in Australia. Aura will eventually be home to 50,000 people.

“Stockland is leading the charge in its commitment to sustainable communities – and this leadership will transform the shape of Australia’s cities,” says the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew.

“Tens of thousands of Australian families will live in Stockland communities that were designed to be environmentally sustainable, and to be liveable, prosperous and resilient places.

“For most Australians, a home is the biggest investment they are likely to make in their lifetimes. A Green Star rating gives home owners confidence that their community was designed with good transport links, access to local employment opportunities, is close to shops and services – and is ultimately a great place to live.”

According to Mark Steinert, CEO and Managing Director at Stockland, home buyers are increasingly making informed decisions about the sustainability of new residential developments.

“The Green Star – Communities rating system uses a comprehensive scorecard to provides customers with a simple, straightforward means of assessing the sustainability of new communities,” Mr Steinert says.

“We’ve made a very conscious and concerted effort over many years to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, the location and design of our communities, and by providing tangible long term benefits for customers who choose to buy and build in a Stockland community,” Mr Steinert adds.

There are more than 50 Green Star – Communities projects around Australia currently working with the GBCA – ranging from small urban regeneration projects to large masterplanned communities that will have their own postcodes.

About Green Star – Communities

Green Star – Communities is an independent, national, voluntary rating tool developed by the Green Building Council of Australia, in consultation with state governments, industry and academia, to drive the design and delivery of more sustainable communities. The rating tool assesses projects across five categories: governance, economic prosperity, environment, liveability and innovation. Projects are rewarded for addressing environmental sustainability – such as minimising energy and water consumption, and reducing dependence on motor vehicles – as well as broader issues such as resilience, job creation, health and active living.