Innovative collaboration shines spotlight on sustainability benefits

29 May 2018

24 May 2018

A new collaboration announced today between the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and Domain Group’s Commercial Real Estate will see the two organisations work together to share knowledge on the sustainability initiatives of Australia’s commercial buildings.

Recognising the transformational impact Green Star is having across Australia’s property market, under the partnership all 4 to 6 Star Green Star ratings, will now feature on Commercial Real Estate’s Building Profile pages.

GBCA Chief Executive Officer Romilly Madew said the move reflects the growing value being placed on sustainable building.

“A building’s green credentials are an increasingly critical factor in its commercial performance, heavily influencing its attractiveness to both landlords and tenants,” Ms Madew said.

“Green Star certification provides a competitive edge. Companies who build or retrofit to Green Star standards can realise higher returns, improve tenant attraction, reduce overheads, better attract and retain staff and importantly help improve the productivity and health of their workforce.

“We know that green-rated buildings deliver up to a 30 per cent premium over non-rated buildings. Buildings that are Green Star-rated for their design and construction consume around half the energy and water of non-rated buildings. People workingin Green Star certified spaces are up to 15 per cent more productive. 

“An ever-greater appreciation of these Green Star benefits by companies, investors and employees alike is evident in the rapid uptake of our rating tools. 

“More than 37 per cent of Australia’s office space is now Green Star certified with 5 per cent of the nation’s workforce heading to a green office daily. In the recently released inaugural International Green Building Adoption Index, Sydney and Melbourne ranked third and fourth in the world behind only Vancouver and Toronto for their amount of green certified floorspace.

“Australia is a sustainability world-leader in the built environment and this new partnership with Commercial Real Estate shows just how far our Green Star market has matured and will support its expansion even further – to the benefit of workers, communities, companies and, of course, our environment.”

Domain Group’s Product Director, Maty Paule said, “delivering the most detailed and comprehensive listings possible is a key focus for us and we are thrilled to collaborate with GBCA and showcase this valuable data to our users.”