Green Star Performance: Propelling buildings to net zero

14 Sep 2022

The trajectory to net zero will be more streamlined with the latest version of Green Star Performance set to transition existing buildings away from fossil fuels.

With an increased focus on carbon, resilience, health and wellbeing, social impact, nature and circular outcomes, Green Star Performance v2 will allow building owners, operators, and occupants to work together to measure and continually improve on a building’s operational impacts – contributing to better social and environmental outcomes.

Releasing the new rating tool to industry today, Jamie Wallis, Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Senior Manager of Market Engagement said the new version of

Performance has been built by industry for industry.

“We worked closely with over 200 professionals to update Green Star Performance, and we tested it with a diverse range of buildings and portfolios. This testing and industry collaboration has shown that the updates to the rating tool will deliver better operational performance for all building types across Australia," Mr Wallis said.

“Green Star Performance drives environmental improvements for over 1,200 buildings every year. This next version builds on this to also cover social sustainability issues, including an increased focus on health and wellbeing - an area of significant interest to tenants and investors.”

Green Star Performance v2 will improve and monitor the health, productivity and decarbonisation of all types of buildings – from schools to shopping centres, and hospitals to industrial buildings and offices. It can be used on individual buildings, or entire portfolios.

“We’ve designed the rating tool to help even the most unique buildings boost efficiency and meet best practice sustainability standards, and importantly set all existing buildings on the pathway to net zero by 2040,” Mr Wallis said.

Jamie stressed that the updated rating tool has been designed to encourage continual improvements to the performance, efficiency, environmental and social outcomes of your assets.

“Your first certification is a benchmark. We give you a framework to track and progressively improve your building’s operational performance towards net zero.”

Certification with Green Star Performance v2 will be an annual cycle, with the framework providing guidance on where best to focus efforts to see ongoing improvement year on year. The reporting requirements will become streamlined through the new online platform which will be available in 2023 and enhanced over time.

Green Star certification is an independent way to verify the environmental and social outcomes you’ve set out to achieve and show your commitment to a net zero future.

“Green Star Performance certification shows your business is actively managing its environmental, social and governance risks. It helps communicate your achievement to a range of stakeholders with confidence, all while contributing to a healthier Australia for future generations,” Mr Wallis said.

Green Star Performance will be available in mid-2023, and existing projects will have until 2025 to transition to the new rating tool, with support provided by GBCA.

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