Global innovations bring industry together at TRANSFORM

19 Mar 2019

19 March 2019

Innovations to drive world-leading sustainable outcomes are being showcased today at TRANSFORM, the new conference from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

In addition to highlighting Australian andworld’s best practice, the two-day conference has also honoured GBCA outgoing chief executive officer Romilly Madew with a Green Building Council of Australia Life Fellowship in recognition of her enormous contribution to the GBCA over 13 years leading the organisation.

400 attendees have come together to examine and discuss the future opportunities and challenges facing the sector. With more than 100 Australian and international expert speakers, the conference is highlighting the innovations and trends shaping the green-building industry.

GBCA Head of Public Affairs and Membership, Jonathan Cartledge, said TRANSFORM delegates were taking part in panel and keynote discussions to promote global action on climate change, urban planning and sustainable infrastructure.

“Australian industry is a global leader when it comes to sustainability in the built environment. Bringing together national and international experts to discuss solutions to some of the most pressing problems the world is currently facing, as we are doing at TRANSFORM, will help maintain that standing,” he said.

“By learning more about global innovations and offering Australia’s expertise, we can create new ways to boost sustainability, social responsibility, and liveability outcomes.”

In a keynote address to TRANFORM, California Energy Commission Building Standards and Sustainability Engineer Gabriel D. Taylor will outline his state’s ambitious carbon-reduction measures and its plans for a carbon-positive future.

California, the world’s fifth largest economy, is a leader in clean energy. It has successfully reduced its per capita emissions to 20 per cent less than 1990 levels, on its mission to lower emissions 80 per cent below that target by 2050. A US-first regulation will require that solar panels are installed on all new homes by 2020.

Separately, ClimateWorks Australia and the Monash Sustainability Institute’s Professor John Thwaites and Business and Sustainable Development Commissioner Sam Mostyn will speak to corporate responses to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Founder of The Digital CEO and former managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, will reveal the inside view on the trust and identity revolution, and offer insights on managing trust as an organisation.

Mr Cartledge said the conference would also allow a deep dive into specialist and technical topics.

“Delegates will be able to learn more about all facets of the green building revolution, from niche innovations, to global movements changing policy and practice.

“Leadership and collaboration are driving progress, and have driven the GBCA under Romilly’s leadership which it is fantastic to see recognised through a GBCA Life Fellowship.

“Romilly has been a champion for sustainability, not only here in Australia but also internationally through her work with the World Green Building Council and those of other nations.

“It is through the efforts of people like Romilly, with her ability to inspire and motivate others to action, that we have achieved market wide transformation towards a more sustainable future.”

In her time at the GBCA, the Australian property industry has worked to transform the nation’s built environment. More than 2,250 buildings are now Green Star rated. Ms Madew leaves the GBCA for Infrastructure Australia, where she will be chief executive officer from next month.

TRANSFORM started today, March 19, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Roundhouse. It runs for two days. Find out more at  

Photo credit: Tim Da-Rin