Thought Leadership

The GBCA and strategic partners undertake regular research to expand our industry’s sustainability knowledge.

Code for Smart Communities (October 2018)

Developed in partnership with the Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, the Code for Smart Communities is a new benchmark for urban development practices across greenfield communities, urban regeneration precincts and diverse institutional campuses.  

Green Star Future Focus – Building with Nature - Executive Summary (May 2018)

Green Star Future Focus – Building with Nature - Discussion Paper (May 2018)

Australian Green Building: Developing a Smart, Sustainable ASEAN (March 2018) 

Profiling companies and award-winning Green Star rated buildings, this report details how Australian firms can help the region’s cities transition to a low-carbon future.

Case for Sustainable Healthcare GBCA NZGBC (2018) – Full document | Executive summary paper

NAB supports the transition to a low carbon economy. It has made a commitment to provide $55 billion in environmental finance by 2025, including $20 billion to support green infrastructure, capital markets and asset finance and $35 billion in new mortgage lending flow for 6 Star Green Star residential housing in Australia. 

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Opportunity knocks (November 2017)

Mid-tier buildings are one of the largest untapped policy opportunities for governments to help meet our international commitments, improve business efficiency and grow the economy.

GBCA, Green Star Financial Transparency (July 2016)

As more projects take up the Innovation Challenge, the GBCA will be able to provide more reliable breakdowns of the cost of Green Star by rating tool and by Green Star rating.

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, Low Carbon, High Performance (June 2016)

Australia’s built environment sector can reach zero carbon by 2050, deliver healthier, more productive cities and save $20 billion using technologies that exist today.

GBCA, Mid-tier commercial office buildings pathway report (November 2015)

While premium and A Grade commercial buildings have been quick to embrace energy efficiency, the B, C, D market is lagging behind.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, 2015 report (September 2015)

Australia’s real estate market is the global green leader, and “investors are demanding reliable data on energy efficiency and sustainability to help guide their decision-making.”

World Green Building Council, Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building (2015)

A range of factors – from air quality and lighting, to views of nature and interior layout – can affect the health, satisfaction and job performance of office workers.

GBCA, Value of Green Star: A decade of environmental benefits (2013)

According to the first-ever quantitative research study into the impact of Green Star certified projects, Green Star buildings emit 62% fewer greenhouse gases, use 66% less energy and 51% less water than average Australian buildings.

World Green Building Council, The Business Case for Green Building: A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants (2013)

Green buildings can be delivered at a price comparable to conventional buildings and investments can be recouped through operational cost savings and create a more productive workplace.

GBCA, A decade of green building (2013)

Take a trip down memory lane, flick through the old snapshots and read what your colleagues in the industry identified as their favourite moments in our ten-year history.

GBCA, Green schools (2012)

Discover the benefits of green schools and the practical experience of ministers, education departments, principals and teachers

GBCA, The Dollars and Sense of Green Building: Building the Business Case for Green Commercial Buildings in Australia (2006)

Authored by the GBCA’s chief executive officer Romilly Madew, this landmark document built the first business case for green building in Australia. 

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