Green Schools

11 Jan 2010

green school report

This GBCA report outlines the benefits of green schools, and shares the practical experience of ministers, education departments, principals and teachers in embracing the Green Star - Education rating tool. 

Australia has 3.4 million full time school students in more than 9,500 schools across the country, with almost 280,000 teaching staff. A further 1.3 million students attend tertiary education facilities.Many of these students and teachers spend each day in schools with badly designed classrooms, poor indoor air quality and limited access to daylight. Evidence and experience shows that this affects student health and learning, teacher morale and school operational costs - as well as the environment. 

Green schools offer tremendous benefits for students, staff, and the environment. Nearly 1,000 school buildings in the United States have met, or are seeking, green building certification, with applications growing at the rate of more than one a day. 

In Australia, some schools have already received Green Star ratings, and others are currently going through the process. However, if Australia is to embrace the concept of green schools, all governments must commit to achieving Green Star ratings for all new schools, as well as for new buildings and refurbishments at existing schools. 

Our students, our teachers and our environment deserve no less.

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