Policy Snapshot - September 2022

08 Sep 2022

NCC 2022 to ensure improved energy efficiency, greater comfort and lower emissions

The Building Ministers from all Australian jurisdictions met on 26 August 2022 and adopted the proposed changes for NCC 2022 for which GBCA and our industry partners have been advocating. These are: 

  • lifting the performance of building fabric from 6 to 7 stars (NatHERS)
  • a whole-of-home-energy budget 
  • implementing the changes as soon as possible, with a 12-month transition period for industry (ACT, NSW and VIC will adopt a 12-month transition, TAS will adopt a 3-year transition and are yet to announce when changes will be implemented)
See GBCA's response here Find out more about NCC 2022 here

Sustainable buildings in NSW

The NSW Government announced its new Sustainable Buildings State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) which encourages the design and construction of more sustainable buildings in NSW. The SEPP will update BASIX to require new homes to achieve a 7 star NatHERS rating (up from an average of 5.5 - 6 stars) which aligns with NCC 2022. Sustainability provisions for non-residential development include

  • embodied emission measurement and reporting all developments
  • energy standards for large commercial development with energy performance to be verified after the building is occupied and offsets purchased for residual emissions
  • minimum water standards for large commercial development
  • certain developments to be ‘all electric’ or capable of converting to operate without fossil fuels by 2035. 
Click for more information on the Sustainable Buildings SEPP

Planning for net zero buildings in the City of Sydney

City of Sydney Councilors recently unanimously endorsed planning controls that will require new buildings to comply with net zero targets and minimum energy ratings. It is a first for a local council in Australia, but other councils are expected to use the evidence base and performance standards to inform their own policy development.

Read more here

Review of GreenPower

GBCA provided input to the GreenPower Program Review highlighting the need for changes to make it simpler for consumers to understand and join the program.

See GBCA's submission here

Independent review of Infrastructure Australia

An independent review of Infrastructure Australia (IA) will consider the agency’s role as an independent adviser to the Commonwealth on nationally significant infrastructure priorities. GBCA provided input, noting the important role that IA can play in harmonising the efforts of state infrastructure bodies and other key stakeholders in progressing a net zero carbon agenda.

See GBCA's input here