Policy Snapshot - July 2022

14 Jul 2022

Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap released 

Achieving a net zero economy by 2050 is going to need a clear plan. GBCA commends the Victorian government on the release of its Gas Substitution Roadmap this month which outlines ways we can move towards a clean energy future.

See GBCA's response here

WA government announces 80% emissions reduction target

We welcome Premier McGowan’s June announcement that the WA government will cut its own emissions by 80% below 2020 levels by 2030. The whole-of-government target and the plan to close all state-run coal power stations by 2029 sends a strong message that emissions reductions and investment in renewable energy generation are high priorities for the WA government.

See the Premier's full announcement

Achieving sustainable development in local planning

Local governments are the third largest Green Star user by sector, achieving great results with their own assets from council offices to childcare centres, community centres to sports complexes. They are also responding to their local communities’ calls for climate action by encouraging more sustainable building outcomes in their local government areas.

To learn more about how sustainable outcomes are being realised through local planning systems, join GBCA and the Planning Institute of Australia for a webinar event on Wednesday 17 June 2022.

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National Construction Code (NCC) 2022

GBCA's advocacy for stronger energy efficiency provisions in NCC 2022 continues. Together with fellow members of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council we are meeting with state and territory building ministers around Australia to advocate for:

  • the proposed 7 star energy efficiency provisions
  • implementation of the proposed changes by this September with a 12-month transition period,
  • a workplan for the Australian Building Codes Board to address issues relating to condensation.
View past NCC submissions

Input to international energy policy review

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is currently conducting a review to examine Australia’s performance in planning and implementing energy policies. This included a series of stakeholder meetings held in Canberra. GBCA attended to discuss electrification of the built environment and the importance of ensuring that Australia has enough skilled people to meet an increasing demand for energy efficiency retrofits and electrification.

Check out IEA's analysis of Australia's energy profile