Technical Update: Design and As Built v1.3

25 Sep 2019

Introducing Green Star -  Design & As Built v1.3

In May 2019, the Australian Building Codes Board introduced changes to Section J of the National Construction Code. These changes will result in more energy efficient commercial buildings and fitouts. The changes will also result in more comfortable buildings thanks to the introduction of a thermal comfort metric.  
Finally, for the first time, the Code introduced recognition of Green Star and NABERS as pathways for demonstrating compliance.  
To account for these changes, we are introducing Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3.  

Why now?

The latest iteration of this rating tool, for new buildings and major refurbishments, addresses the changes around energy efficiency requirements under the National Construction Code. This update is mandatory for all projects subject to the 2019 Section J requirements.  
The changes within the Code were made possible partly due to the many Green Star rated buildings across the country. These buildings demonstrated to the Australian Buildings Code Board that better performance is possible and commercially viable. This is why certification matters.  
Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3 has also given us the opportunity to introduce options in line with our Carbon Positive Roadmap and the upcoming Green Star for New Buildings. When the Code is mandatory by mid-2020, many projects will be using Green Star Future Focus which encompasses the new code, however some projects will still be in transition with Design & As Built and this release is for them. 
We congratulate the Australian Building Codes Board on these changes, and look forward to similar actions in the residential sector in 2022. We would also like to thank those in our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Expert Reference PanelTechnical Advisory GroupIndustry Advisory Group, and the Green Star Advisory Committee for their help in delivering this update.  

Find out more

GBCA education team recently held a webinar exploring the essentials around the release of Green Star - Design & As Built v1.3, which you can catch up on at any time. 
If you have any questions about the release, please feel free to contact the Green Star Solutions team.