Stockland releases Australia's first Green Star home to market

Stockland Early Access Design, VIC. Stockland, Designed Assessment. On track for a Green Star Homes PILOT rating.

25 Nov 2021

Stockland is a long-time leader of climate action within the built environment and you’ll find their stamp on sustainable retirement homes, office spaces and a raft of communities across the country. Bringing this experience into the places where we live was a natural progression for the nation’s largest residential developer and they recently released Australia’s first Green Star home to market. We spoke to Ben Cantwell, National General Manager, Development Communities – Built Form, to find out more about Stockland’s Green Star home.

Collaborating with industry, for industry

Located 32 kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD within the leafy, established suburb of Rowville is Waterlea, a thriving community where modern meets heritage and forward-thinking meets tradition and an obvious choice for the site of Stockland’s first Green Star home.

When Stockland made the decision to participate as a Green Star Homes early access partner, they also made the decision to pilot the tool in its entirety. Ben says the passionate Waterlea team took this approach so it could learn about the Green Star features in their entirety and share those learnings with industry.

“Sustainability plays a big role in Stockland’s communities and developments. This home resides in a 6 Star Green Star Community and is surrounded by homes that are operating ahead of the current National Construction Code minimum requirements.

“Partnering with GBCA on this Green Star home is an opportunity to go beyond the minimum requirements while testing the tool holistically. This has allowed us to assess it for industry so we can continue to raise the bar together,” explained Ben.

Stockland Early Access Design, VIC. Stockland, Designed Assessment. On track for a Green Star Homes PILOT rating.

The Green Star Home difference

The project itself will be finished around mid-2022 and will be a contemporary, architect-designed double-storey townhome featuring the mod cons and comforts expected from a high-quality residential development.

In addition, this Green Star certified home includes:

  • 5.0kW solar power system
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 (battery storage system)
  • Provision to allow future installation in garage for electric vehicle charging point
  • A 2,000 litre rainwater tank
  • Electric heat-pump hot water storage system which is about three times more efficient than a typical electric instantaneous system. 
  • A natural, R-32 refrigerant free from ozone depleting properties with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • uPVC double glazed windows to improve energy efficiency, block out noise pollution and reduce condensation that could lead to mould
  • A heat recovery ventilation system and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) devices to prevent heat loss, monitor CO2 levels and airborne contaminants while capturing course and fine dust particles with a removeable filter
  • Slab edge insulation to increase air-tightness while helping to prevent both heat loss and internal condensation
  • High quality LED lighting
  • Heat pump clothes dryer
  • Front garden irrigation system
  • Energy monitoring device that monitors power circuits in the home

Saving money and the planet

On top of sustainability features that will shrink the homeowner’s carbon footprint are the financial savings. Green Star certified homes reduce a household’s energy costs by up to 75 percent and this is a key consideration of today’s buyers.

“Stockland is committed to developing a new generation of healthy, resilient and carbon positive homes at scale, and this is just the beginning.

“Homes at Waterlea incorporate the very latest innovative design and sustainability features, chiefly renewable energy generation and thermal efficiency measures to ensure all residents can reduce the cost of owning and running their own home.

“This home will save the owner energy and money. From being fossil-fuel free, electric, powered by renewable energy through to it being and electric vehicle ready, this home will bring household running costs down and we’re seeing that this is important for a lot of people, especially with energy cost on the rise,” said Ben.

Ben adds that this home will suit a buyer who is environmentally conscious and wanting to live in a like-minded community, “The Green Star Home will appeal to a homebuyer who is not only attracted to Waterlea’s beautiful natural setting and community features, but is willing to share their insights about living in a house that is truly special.”

Stockland Early Access Design, VIC. Stockland, Designed Assessment. On track for a Green Star Homes PILOT rating.

GBCA thanks our Gold Future Homes Partner Stockland and congratulate the team on releasing Australia’s first Green Star home to market.

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