Inside Green Star, 19th edition, May 2024

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08 May 2024

An update to Green Star Performance v2

Bringing us one step closer to general launch, we are pleased to advise that Green Star Performance Online is now live for our Early Access Partners. We are working closely with the six GBCA member organisations to test the platform on Green Star Performance v2 portfolios in real time in this initial launch of Green Star Performance v2 Online into our production environment.

An update on timing for the general release to industry is outlined below:

  • Registrations for the public are on track to open mid-year with the date to be confirmed soon.
  • Preparation of submissions can commence once a project is registered. Registered projects will have access to the Green Star Performance v2 Online platform allowing project teams to become familiar with the online environment and to start uploading information.
  • Submissions for assessment via the online platform are expected to be accepted in the latter part of 2024. Please note that this timeframe means that the GBCA does not expect to be issuing certifications for Performance v2 projects this year. We request that project teams are mindful of this timeframe and plan accordingly.

Transition period

  • All projects are eligible to register Green Star Performance v2 when registrations open, if they choose.
  • New projects/portfolios will be required to register under the latest version of the rating tool (i.e. Performance v2) from 1 January 2025 onwards. This means that registrations for Performance v1.2 for new projects will close 31 December 2024. 
  • Existing projects/portfolios ratings have until 1 January 2026 to transition, after which date all projects must be certified under Performance v2.

Certification fees

A new certification fee structure will apply for Green Star Performance when registrations open. To assist teams with forward planning the new certification fees which will apply for Performance v2 portfolios have been published on our website on the certification fees page.

Existing users should note that the current fee structure for Performance v1.2 portfolios will expire at the end of the year. From 1 January 2025 onwards, the new fee structure will apply to all portfolio regardless of which version of the rating tool it is registered under.  

Contact us

If you have any specific questions regarding a new or existing portfolio, please contact the Market Engagement team to discuss your transition to Green Star Performance v2.

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An update from the Green Star team

It's been a busy few months for the Green Star team as we saw a record number of submissions over the last six months. While this is incredibly exciting for the growth of Green Star rated projects in the industry, you may have experienced some delays in receiving your results - we are all so grateful for your patience.

We are seeing new projects coming from a range of sectors and we are always looking for ways to support you. In the meantime, we have a new page to assist you in promoting your Green Star project. Here you can read our guidelines for marketing your Green Star rated Building, as well as all our other tools. Promoting your project lets stakeholders and customers know that you are engaging in the movement for a better future, with healthier, more responsible spaces – something we know more and more people are looking for in buildings and businesses. If you have any questions about promoting your Green Star project, please contact us.

To improve scalability we are continuing to work on refining access to information on our website, and that includes our case studies. This page features certified projects through in-depth discussions with the project teams involved.

These are just some of the ways address the feedback we receiving in our Annual Green Star Satisfaction survey.

We are so proud of each and every team that has joined us and got behind our vision, now more than ever we’re here to help you implement this vision.

New and updated Green Star resources

Green Star Performance v2_Guidance on credit substitution_r2

  • An updated Green Star Performance v2 - Guidance on Credit Substitution has been added to the Resources portal. This document provides guidance to project teams on how to use credits from Green Star Performance v2 on projects registered under any version of Green Star – Performance.

Green Star Performance v2_Credit substitution template_r1

  • A new Green Star Performance v2 - Credit Substitution Template has been developed to assist Green Star Performance v1.2 projects when substituting credits from Green Star Performance v2 in their submission for Green Star - Performance v1.2 certification, as per the ‘Green Star Performance v2 Guidance on Credit Substitution’ resource.

GSPv2_Guidance on submitting_r3

  • An updated GSPv2 Guidance on Submitting r3 has been added to the Resources portal. Note that this document was previously named 'Green Star Performance_guidance on submitting_v2 Rev A_R2' and has been updated to reflect new naming conventions.
  • This document provides guidance to project teams on how to target a Green Star Performance v2 rating. This document supports the Green Star Performance v2 Submission Guidelines, by expanding upon and providing a more visual breakdown of key concepts and providing essential information regarding submission frequency and evidence approaches.
  • It explains what project teams need to know about Green Star Performance v2, achieving star ratings, submitting for certification, and understanding the annual cycle. It sets out what teams need to know about compiling a submission, including expectations of how much evidence should be provided and how frequently credits need to be resubmitted, to allow project teams to plan and prepare for their submission.
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Nature roadmap – your expertise requested

We're calling on industry to provide input on the upcoming Nature Roadmap. The roadmap will play a fundamental role in shaping how the built environment responds to nature, and your input is essential.  

To provide your input, read the paper using the link below and complete a submission by 30 June 2024. 

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Changes to the Climate Positive Pathway requirements for 2030

Green Star project teams are advised of a recent change to the Climate Positive Pathway requirements for 2030.

Currently in Green Star Buildings v1, projects certified after 1st January 2030, regardless of the project's registration date, are required to meet the Climate Positive Pathway requirements (see page 19 of the Submission Guidelines).

The GBCA has revised this milestone so that instead, projects that reach practical completion after 1st January 2030 are to meet the 2030 Climate Positive Pathway requirements, regardless of the project's registration date.

Projects that reach practical completion before 1st January 2030 are subject to the Climate Positive Pathway requirements as per the project's registration date. These projects may submit and be certified by the GBCA after 1st January 2030.

Future versions of the Green Star Buildings Submission Guidelines will be updated to reflect this change. In the meantime, project teams can refer to FAQ F-00372 Changes to the Climate Positive Pathway requirements for 2030.

Should you have any questions about how this change impacts your forthcoming Green Star projects please contact the GBCA Market Engagement email via or your assigned Technical Coordinator for already registered projects. 

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