Inside Green Star - 12th edition, February 2023

10 Feb 2023

Green Star Performance v2: even more resources to help your transition

Green Star Performance v2 is set to officially launch in just a few months' time. If you are interested in transitioning your portfolio or getting on board, we encourage you to use this time to understand the new tool and how it applies to your projects. To help you on your way, we’ve released even more resources including: 

  • Gap Analysis: understand what you can carry over from your current strategy with the existing tool and what else you need to do to achieve points in the new rating tool
  • Credit Substitution Matrix: understand what credits from the new tool you can try out under the existing version before upgrading completely
  • Submission form guidance: examples of what you can expect from the submission forms on the new online platform

You can access these along with other guidance documents released last year on our Resources portal. Click here and filter by the Green Star Performance tool.

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Improvements to make your certification journey easier

As mentioned in the last Inside Green Star Newsletter, the Pre-Assessment Review is now offered as an optional fee for service.  All projects proceed straight to assessment once submitted, unless the Submitter requests a Pre-Assessment Review (PAR) to be completed by GBCA when they submit for assessment, by filing out Pre-Assessment checklist. At which time an invoice for $220 (excl gst) will be sent.
Over the next few months we would like to receive your feedback on this new process. Please provide your feedback here:

Sector Specific credits for Green Star Buildings v1

Following feedback from Industrial stakeholders, and with significant thanks to the help from Goodman, Stockland, Colliers and Cundall, the below sectors specific credits have been developed and released for the Industrial sector:

Energy use - Industrial:

The credit allows project teams to demonstrate that the building has low energy consumption through a number of prescriptive energy efficiency attributes.

Industrial Energy Source - Industrial:

This credit recognises infrastructure that the building provides to enable zero carbon outcomes for its operations. All energy under the control of the building owner or operator and all non-electricity energy provided for uses that are not under the building owner's control (e.g., tenant use for heating, cooking and hot water) come from renewables. 

Tenant Energy Source - Industrial:

This credit recognises the building owner that assist tenants to eliminate their energy related carbon emissions. To be eligible for the Tenant Energy Source - Industrial, the project must meet the Credit Achievement in the Energy Source - Industrial credit. Refer to Energy Source - Industrial Credit Achievement for requirements. 

Note: The credits are currently not available on the online platform and will be integrated in the next update of the online platform. Full credits can be viewed and downloaded via the GBCA Resources Portal.

Registering a new project under Green Star Buildings?

Green Star Buildings aims to drive all buildings in Australia to be fossil fuel free, highly efficient, powered by renewables, built with low upfront carbon emissions, and offset with nature by 2030. To drive this change forward, the Climate Positive Pathway was introduced into Green Star Buildings as a series of Minimum Expectations. These expectations change over time. 

Green Star Buildings includes specific requirements that vary based on the date of registration. Additional requirements apply for projects seeking a 5 Star and a 6 Star rating that register from January 1, 2023. These requirements are described in the Green Star Buildings Submission Guidelines under the Climate Positive Pathway.

The deadline to submit registrations for new projects to be considered registered prior to 1 January 2023 has now passed.

Please be advised that we are currently in a development phase with the Submissions portal (Green Star Online Platform) and are experiencing performance issues. We are in the process of transitioning to a new application which will be made available soon. If you require assistance with your Submission please don't hesitate to contact the Green Star team.

Feedback wanted on the Upfront Carbon Emissions guide

The interim Upfront Carbon Emissions calculation guide was released at the end of last year. The guide provides further guidance on how to demonstrate upfront carbon reductions and defining your project’s reference case for the Upfront Carbon Emissions credit in Green Star Buildings. The GBCA are seeking feedback on the guidance provided to integrate into the final version of the guide.

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Last chance to become our next Future Green Leader

Be recognised for your contribution towards furthering a sustainable transformation of the built environment. Top three finalists will get complimentary tickets to TRANSFORM 2023 where the winner will be announced. Nominations close Monday, 6 February.

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