Green Star News – September 2016

15 Sep 2016

A new, more efficient Green Star registration process on the horizon.

In the coming months we’ll be introducing a new streamlined process for the registration of Green Star certification applications.

The most significant update is the introduction of an online contracting process, which will improve both the experience and efficiency of submitting an application.

While the Agreement remains substantially the same, we have clarified clauses and processes. Particularly, the appointment of Applicant Agents and Change of Ownership process and Limitation of Trustee Liability clause.

Both initiatives aim to improve processing time for each registration – so, keep an eye out for the launch.

Green Star – Communities v1.1 has been released

Green Star – Communities v1.1 was released this month and contains updated guidance for some credits, improvements to credit requirements for others and general clarification and corrections throughout the rating tool.

Registrations under Green Star – Communities v1.0 close on 14 October 2016. From 16 October 2016, all new projects registered under Green Star – Communities will be required to use version 1.1.

What's new?

The primary focus of this year’s update is the addition to each credit of what is required at Recertification. Additionally, guidance has also been incorporated for projects in New Zealand seeking a Green Star – Communities rating. For an overview of the updates in each credit, see the Summary of Changes.

What if I'm already registered under Green Star – Communities v0.0, v0.1, v0.2 or v1.0?

We want the best possible outcome for your project. So if you are already registered under one of the previous versions of the rating tool you now have two options:

-          Continue towards certification using the version under which you are registered.

-          Take advantage of all updates and clarifications by upgrading to v1.1. Contact our Green Star team to find out more.

How often will these updates occur?

Generally, the rating tool will be updated each year. Every 3 years, with the help of industry, we will conduct a complete review of the rating tool to ensure it remains relevant and useful.

For more information download the Submission Guidelines (now free for members).