Green Star News – November 2016

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19 Nov 2015

Goodbye Legacy, hello new generation

In case you haven’t already heard, our New Generation rating tools are the new kids on the block and they’re ready to shake the industry up! With so many benefits for New Generation rating tools, as attested by our members, why wouldn’t you want to sign up?

In order to move the industry forward, projects will no longer be able to register under any Legacy rating tool from 31st December, 2015. Please note, all existing Legacy projects will be supported through to certification.

Update to Green Star – Interiors 

New Generation Green Star rating tools have been developed with a focus on continual improvement. In line with this ‘minor updates’ to the rating tools are being scheduled annually. Green Star – Interiors v1.1 is being developed to provide clearer guidance and improved useability which will enable project teams to achieve better Green Star outcomes.

Green Star – Interiors v1.1 is due for release in December, 2015. From the new year, projects will no longer be able to register under v1.0 of the rating tool. Please note, all v1.0 rating tool resources will still be available for existing projects.

Nominations for two Green Star Advisory Groups close on 20 November

We're looking for leaders with a strong influence in the property industry and experience advocating for sustainability in the built environment to join either our ‘Experience & Skills Advisory Group', or our ‘Market & Industry Advisory Group'. Contact Green Star team to learn more.

The role of both groups is to support to GBCA staff and the Green Star Steering Committee in developing appropriate guidance and direction for current and future rating tools and other initiatives.

The ‘Experience & Skills’ Advisory Group has been created to assist in ensuring the Green Star rating system and Accreditation Program are easy to use, understood throughout the supply chain, and delivering their desired outcomes. 

The ‘Market & Industry Advisory Group’ has been created to assist in ensuring that Green Star rating system, marketing, and services responds to market needs in a relevant and customer-centric manner.

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We've certified 1,000 Green Star projects

Australia’s property and construction industry celebrated an extraordinary milestone last month when we certified our 1000th Green Star project. Of the 1000 projects, more than 8.1 million square metres is office space – the equivalent to all the existing Premium and A Grade office space in the Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide CBDs combined. This is no small feat and would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of you. On behalf of the GBCA, congratulations and thank you!