Green Star News – May 2016

Latest updates

27 May 2016

Updated Green Star Project Manager

As you may be aware, over the last couple of months the updated Green Star Project Manager has been in Beta trial phase. The trial has been successful and the switch has been made to this system. All existing project records and queries have been transferred over to the new system. If you are interested in learning more about the updated Green Star Project Manager features, see our update highlights page.

Submission notification when ready for assessment

We’ve also simplified the way you let us know when your submission is ready to be assessed. Rather than requiring you to provide advanced notice, you simply use the Green Star Project Manager to tell us you've uploaded the submission and it's ready to be assessed. No notice required! This will help project teams as they don’t need to wait to submit documentation for assessment, and can provide the submission as soon as it is ready.

Review of Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria

In 2013, the GBCA introduced the ‘Green Star Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria’ to drive best practice in the waste industry. In 2016, the GBCA is carrying out a review of the Reporting Criteria to ensure it reflects current industry best practice. The GBCA welcomes your feedback during this review process and encourages you to join the consultation list. To be placed on the consultation list, please send your email address to Green Star team, with subject line “Reporting Criteria Consultation.” Updates on the review process will be provided on the GBCA website.