Green Star News – April 2016

Latest updates

21 Apr 2016

We've updated Green Star – Performance

Green Star – Performance v1.1 was released this month and contains updated guidance for some credits, improvements to credit requirements for others and general clarification and corrections throughout the rating tool. Registrations under Green Star – Performance v1 close on 8 May 2016. From 9 May 2016, all new projects registered under Green Star – Performance will be required to use version 1.1.

What's new?

  • Each credit has been updated to improve the clarity of what is required at the Initial and Recertification stages of certification.
  • Amendments have been made to closer align Green Star – Performance with Green Star As Built rating tools.
  • General information about Portfolio ratings has been included.

What if I'm already registered under Green Star – Performance v1?

We want the best possible outcome for your project. So if you are already registered under v1 you now have two options:

  • Continue towards certification under v1.
  • Take advantage of all updates and clarifications by moving to v1.1. Contact us to find out more.

How often will these updates occur?

Generally, there will be an update to the rating tool once per year. Every 3 years, with the help of industry, we will conduct a complete review of the rating tool to ensure it remains relevant and useful.

For more information download the Submission Guidelines (now free for members).

Submission Deadlines

Are you looking to get your project certified before the end of financial year? We understand many project teams aim to have their project certified around major events, so we’ve outlined some dates to help support this. These dates are outlined on our website. If your dates do not coincide with these deadlines, please contact the Sustainability Services contact for your project, and we will try to accommodate your reasonable requests as much as possible.

Updates to Green Star Project Manager

We’ve made some updates to the Green Star Project Manager based on your feedback. The additional functionality, now allows project teams to:

  • Request technical responses: Credit interpretation Requests (CIRs), Technical Clarifications (TCs), Eligibility, Innovation Challenges, Area Definition, and Clarification of Assessment comments.
  • Request a project workshop or meeting.
  • Submit documentation for assessment.
  • Update project records.
  • Provide feedback.

This is all available for you to use right now! If you are interested to learn more about how this works, please contact the Sustainability Services contact for your project, or you can read more information on the updates.