What makes a best practice Green Star submission?

29 May 2018

GBCA Senior Manager – Green Star Solutions, Nicole Sullivan, shares her tips and tricks for submitting a best practice Green Star submission.

Share your story

It’s an exciting time to be part of Australia’s sustainable built environment. Some of Australia’s most innovative projects, such as One Central Park in Sydney and Melbourne’s Pixel Building, have been certified under Green Star. We believe that each project holds a unique story in how it’s been brought to life to combine sustainable design elements that will benefit the built environment. Your Green Star submission offers you a chance to share that story with our team, so we can envisage how your building, fitout or community is approaching sustainability with fresh eyes.

Know your Submission Guidelines

These  are the holy grail of providing a top tier Green Star submission. Across Green Star – Design & As Built, Interiors, Performance and Communities, you’ll be required to address different criteria, so make sure you’re up to speed on what’s needed from you. Address each item clearly so that the Assessor can see the good job you have done.

Evidence is key

Green Star Assessors need a reason to award points. Why? Simply because this promotes fairness across all projects that come through the GBCA. Be sure to provide evidence based information to prove how you’ve set about achieving a credit.

It’s about quality, not quantity

We recently received a submission that covered 1,086 pages…for just one point in one credit! We want this process to be as efficient and seamless as possible, so keep it concise and to the point. Your submission template needs to tell the whole story of compliance for the credit, and the evidence provided simply backs up the statements made. Make sure your evidence is clearly referenced so that they can find it easily.

Use your technical resources

We’ve put together a host of technical resources that will help guide you in putting together a best practice Green Star submission. This includes GBCA Submission Guidelines, GBCA Scorecard, Submission Templates, GBCA Calculators and Calculator Guides. If you’re having difficulty putting together a Green Star submission, the answers to some of your problems could be outlined in these documents, so don’t forget to consult them under the ‘Project Files’ tab of your profile.

Don’t be afraid to reach out 

Having issues putting together your submission? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on a project submission. While building a more sustainable, resilient built environment is our passion, our job is to ensure that your part in making this happen is as simple as possible .

Project teams, the GBCA and our Assessors work together to achieve and recognise great achievements in the built environment.  We are all on the same team – we have a common interest in celebrating the accomplishments of Australian industry.  Let’s work together to make this happen!

If you want to learn more about what makes a stellar Green Star Submission, join us at Green Building Day 2018 in Brisbane or Perth, where Nicole will share more tips and tricks. Or, you can find out more information here