We’re shining a spotlight on responsible products and materials

17 Sep 2019

How do we ensure that sourcing responsible products and materials building construction becomes common practice? That’s the question we’ll be exploring at our next Spotlight Seminar in Sydney and Melbourne this October.

As there are a number of social and environmental challenges in the way of achieving supply chain transparency for building products and materials, this will be an opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers and specifiers to work in an interactive setting to brainstorm solutions. Plus, you’ll hear from Nicole Sullivan, Senior Manager – Green Star Solutions, who will lead a discussion on empowering industry to drive change.

“As an industry, we still have a way to go when it comes to ensuring that the products and materials we’re using are environmentally and socially responsible,” explains Nicole.

“The introduction of the 2018 Modern Slavery Act has been a critical step for Australia’s property sector, but there are still other aspects we need to address, like ethical sourcing and anti-bribery.”

The seminar will also explore the environmental impact of products and how we can improve the overall life cycle of the built environment through a holistic lens.

“If we want to use products and materials that we’re proud of in construction, then we need to take a transformative approach to supply chain management,” says Nicole.

Throughout the seminar, Nicole will share insights into how materials will be addressed under Green Star Future Focus and will open up the floor to discuss:

  • What’s changing from the previous Green Star material credits
  • How to find information on embodied carbon
  • Responsible Carbon Impacts innovation challenge
  • How LCA has worked in Green Star over the last 5 years and how it can evolve

You’ll also hear from other industry experts and advocates on supply chain transparency that will vastly improve the social and environmental quality of building products and materials.

Want to know more? View the full agenda and book your tickets for the seminar in Sydney and Melbourne this October.